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• Style inspiration will be based off of my sister and her fiances! •

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I'm a female!
I'm Zoey Hernandez!
20 years old!
I'm 5'6!
Lives in Gothenburg, Sweden!
Birthday is 16 July!
I'm a Cancer!
I speak Swedish, English and Spanish!
I have one sister, she's my sora-chan! (Teodora Crescent Valentine)
I have one brother, he's my twin brother!
I'm new here so I hope I can get the hangs of things on this site! Was brought to this site by Abby! So she is going to show me every step of the way on here!

Hope to meet new people on here as well! Let's all be friends! XD

┌ ⌘⌘⌘ ┐
Bold creavity
└ ⌘⌘⌘ ┘
Only uses when catching up when I haven't been on for a few days! :)
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True Name: Asterios
Type: Heroic Spirit
Source: Greek Mythology
Region: Greece
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Hidden Attribute: Earth
Armaments: Labrys

H..He's only mine, so don't! -.-
I take requests, too!
☒: Currently working on
✔: Done

My requests:


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♥Amelie♥ ha detto:

2 minutes fa
Right now I'm obsessed with Majora's Mask. Especially the Bremen's Mask. I will always randomly play it out of nowhere. It annoys Eli so much :P

♥Amelie♥ ha detto:

7 minutes fa
I just joined it :) Have you ever played any of the Zelda games?

♥Amelie♥ ha detto:

13 minutes fa
I'm playing Majora's Mask on my Nintendo 3DS while watching One Piece :) What group?

♥Amelie♥ ha detto:

19 minutes fa
What are you doing?

♥Amelie♥ ha detto:

41 minutes fa
Hi, Zoey!

bylar ha detto:

about 2 hours fa
my friend ;-) haha 

bylar ha detto:

about 2 hours fa
thank you my fiend  ;-) kissssssss

sniper.of.sag... ha detto:

about 18 hours fa

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