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In this group you can add any anime/manga, vocaloid or cosplay blingees and create any forum posts, as long as they are about anime, manga or vocaloids. You can also take part in any contests we are hosting. Please invite your friends to join too. 

All blingee members welcome. 

Wow, we now have over 1000 members! Thank you everyone who has joined! You're all awesome! :3



20) Bicolour Challenge
Winners: 1st - rosa_bianca
2nd - Kiwi120
3rd - Anime_Mixed

21) Trick or Treat!
Winners: 1st - Dяєαмєя.Dємση 
2nd - Arisuchan23
3rd - tentenneji

22) L / Lawliet
Winners: 1st - Dяєαмєя.Dємση 
2nd - rosa_bianca 
3rd - Cameragirl101 

23) Alois Trancy
Winners: 1st - sakuranaruto 
2nd - elizamio 
3rd - nerdygirlforever 


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May join my Anime n Manga Lovers group
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Who's your favourite Fairy tail character?
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Introduce Yourselves here!
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23rd Contest CLOSED - [ Alois Trancy ]
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