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--Birthday Is Close So I'm Listing Things, If Anyone Is Planning To Make Anything On The Specific Day--
• Donquixote Rocinante (One Piece)
• Nico Robin (One Piece)
• Dragneel Zeref (Fairy Tail)
• Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)
• Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)
• Cana Alberona (Fairy Tail)
• Lord of the Rings
• Pirates of the Caribbean
• Leona Lewis
• Demi Lovato
--I already known nothing was going to made. *sweat drops* I did say today was going to be crap. Well there that goes.--

Name:I don't give this out. You're welcome to call me (Carmilla Aradia)
Age:25 years old.
Birthday:08. March
Zodiac:♓ Pisces
Status:Taken proudly by Randy: 02. February 2014
Religion:Wiccan (Please keep your religion issues aside. I support each, but I can't withstand religion problems among them. I prefer to have peace with everyone.)
Orientation:Bi-sexual (& as for this, I really don't care what anyone thinks. I'm a proud bisexual woman. I don't need no homophobic person, to put me down.)
Sex:♀ Female

•My Interests:
Likes:I love all varies of music genre as long as it catches my attention. Pirates of the Carribean, Lord of the Rings trilogy , The Hobbit trilogy, these are my top favorite movies. I do love the actors & actresses in these movies. If need to know my music artists & band favorites. The list will be endless. *shrugs* I'm also a proud animal lover. I love anime, too. I have a wide selections I love. & some I'm looking into & watching. I'm not a TV type person. I prefer my laptop more than anything.
Dislikes:I'm a very hard person to get to trust others easily. Due to issues online. I tend to be very discreet on letting people know a lot about me. Like where I'm from. I hate where I'm at as it is. So that information remains invalid. I really can't stand people who are two-faced. Talk behind other backs & aren't brave to tell them. I most definitely don't like people to abuse people's kindness, just because it seems weak to them. Because of this, we're already loosing humanity as it is. We don't need anymore of this. Hate homophobic people. That isn't no phobia to me. Love is love.

Once you betrayed my trust, there is no way you can ever gain it back. Life has it's lessons. Either repeat the same mistake again, or learn from it. The choice is yours. This world is already corrupted enough. So don't hold grudges for too long, we all going to die in the end. Holding grudges only hurts yourself more than the person you're holding it on. Live with no regrets. Always love. Never hate. Life is too short for that. Live it to the fullest.

I rate five on stamps & Blingees. Everyone deserves a five star. Can we please stop down-voting? It shows courtesy. We have enough bullies in this world. We don't need them online, too.

In Loving Memory:
08.04.05 - 26.09.05 

My Loving Puppy.
Never Forgotten

.•´¨`•.( -.- ).•´¨`•.
`•--•-¨(“ )( “)¨-•--•´
 ♥ღ♥ ♥ღ♥ ♥ღ♥

     . ╭)))*~╮
╭───╮♥ ((( ^ - ^)))♥╭☆──╮
╰─    ..//"!"\ㄟ.  /  ─╯
 ╰─╯°~( )~~( )~°╰─╯ ☆ 
Hello my friend, your Blingee
Is Awesome and super Fabulous!

Deu: Du bist eine traume als zu konnte vertlich 
warum bin ich traume?

Eng: You're a dream come true, why am I dreaming?


21. November 2016 | Been offline a lot on here, it seems. *shrugs* Real life isn't being so easy on me. So, I've been sort of depressed. I gotten more depress since 09. November. So I haven't been much feeling well, in emotion wise. *sighs* I'll still be on here, but less active as usual. I hope you guys can understand. This year has been harsh on me. Like the similarities of 2005, just wasn't enough. I really hope I can I have a decent life, before my life ends. I hope my dream I longed for, comes true. I don't know how long I can live in a house that doesn't feel like a home. Dealing with depression & anxiety, worse to feel fear in the home you been living in for 20 years. But I guess, I'll have to be strong for another year.

24. November 2016 | Not my favorite holiday. *shrugs* All this day brings, is someone stressed out & bringing their frustrations out on everyone. I rather have Christmas instead of this holiday. But because someone died, she had to make us never celebrate it anyway. *sighs* I don't think he would even wanted that. Reasons why being thankful is nothing to me, again.

02. December 2016 | If you don't want no one to think you as the bad person. Then stop trying to look as if you're one. Acting as if we're the faults to blame for everything we do. You can't control our actions. Just blame yourself for how we turned out. Then maybe it wouldn't had happen to begin with. You getting all frustrated because of us. It's not like you can control any of the things we do. You can only control yourself. You choose to yell & flip at everything we do, that doesn't seem right to you. But you don't choose to control yourself. I already know my faults. I don't blame others for their actions. It's their actions. I can't control them. I can only control myself. For being your age, you should of already learned that by now. But by the looks of it, you act like a damn child.

Blingees Gifts To Me:
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 OPEN ~Voting Time~~4/22/2017~THE CHALLENGE GROUP

it is time to vote on this weeks challenges. I encourage everyone to vote on every challenge, even if you didn't enter it. 

Plz, remember to make sure that your Icon challenge entry is uploaded to the group incase you win the challenge. We must be able to select it as the groups icon


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Carmilla!! What are you up to? Did you ever see the birthday bling I had made you? I don't really like how it turned out but it wasn't made for me

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║  Which Greek God is your parent? 
║ ►Zeus, Apollo or Hades?   
║  Who will be the winning team?   
║    *¨*נσιи ιи тнιѕ gяσυρ!♥*¨*
║  http://blingee.com/group/91030
║  ∞Here you can introduce yourself∞
║ http://blingee.com/group/91030/topic/114179

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OPEN~Fantasy World, by: angello18---The Challenge Group 

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Please, join new Fantasy Style Challenge 
in DHG
Thank You.

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Open~(We Have A Tie) 4/10/2017, The Challenge Group

OPEN ~Pro Challenge Idea Contest-The Challenge Group 4/10/2017http://blingee.com/group/90072/topic/114593-OPEN-Pro-Challenge-Idea-Contest-4-10-2017

OPEN - April 2017 ICON Challenge.The Challenge Group 

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