Blingee fan!!!

Rene'e [BRAT]although  we are apart, you are always on my mind and first in my heart.3> LOVE mom
My b'day July 6th

(="."=) This Bunny is against racism 
(")_(") put it on your page to help it STOP!!!!!

Heather chat
.=(• •)=
4 of my Great Grandkids won #1

Austin #1 Blanket 1st place wizard of oz

._(‘ °´,)`•.¸               
.'乀____乄¯ :)mouse stamp
Wolf Challenge #1

Austin 2 Months #1

Pirates Caribbean #1

Black & Gold , m believer welcome back GROUP, #1

Monkeys #1

Great granddaughters [sunglasses] #2

Great grandson Austin #3 win

# 1 The Rock challenge

If you appreciate the stamp makers and uploaders and like and use their stamps please put this reminder at the top of your profile!!! rate all stamps you use 5 stars!!! Thank Youhttp://bln. ☺;list_type=1028&page=6
congratulations on #2 in BEST BABY
Congratulations on winning #2 place in the Best Pet Competition! 
Congratulations on winning #3 place in the Best Couple Competition!
Congratulations on #3 win in Best Red Carpet 
Congratulations on winning #6 place in the Best Couple Competition! 
Congratulations on winning #8 place in the Best Boy Competition! 
Kiss and Hugs my dear friend!!! ^_^;owner=rainbowgyrl
Congratulations on #3 win in Best Red Carpet Win with this terrific Blingee! Wow!! You are really cleaning up lady! Hugs, Irene

    Best Red Carpet Blingee (Brad Pitt) Competition Top 10 »
.....๑۩۩๑ PUT THIS ON YOUR   
.....//• •\\ PROFILE IF YOU    
....(/(_•_)\) HATE ANIMAL     
..._/''**''\ ABUSE.
../\„,„/\.......On your profile
...( =';'= )......To show
.../*♥♥*\.........your against 
..(.|.|..|.|.)....animal cruelty
.........and animal abuse 

Wizard of Oz #1

You down vote me I don't care but if you down vote my friends you will be deleted in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!

I always vote 5!!! Friends with sunmoon&stars, and Forever Twilight. etc. You comment I comment back!!!
I am so into blingee's!!! I'm retired and live in CT. I hope we can be friends!!

rose from louise______/)______./¯"""/')
The rose of Friendship for you ♥

 Please join my 1st Blingee Challenge!             

Hannenuete says:
about 10 hours ago

Dear Helen, with a picture I thank you from the whole heart for your love friendship. You're such a great girlfriend You are so attentive. You always congratulate me for my achievements. I thank you for everything! Very dear greetings Ulrike

 Heather chat

#1 win

  |  |
   |||   1.
 _|||_ 1st place in Nascar

Wonderful World Of Animation WON Rapunzel

#1 in world of animation group

#1 in world of animation group

1st in poison lips challenge group

won in favorite cartoon

Members KOD Group  Vintage woman #2 win Pink Valentine #2 win

'.( '◕¸◕' )    


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ortega42 ha detto:

1 minute fa
hello to all of you this Sunday I chose a challenge Asian dominance blue and red I leave you the link. Please respect the co-ordinates thank you an excellent Sunday kiss

BBB338 ha detto:

about 2 hours fa
Please join my new Challenge if you can--a Gothic Grim Reaper comes after a Barbie Doll!;

elizamio ha detto:

about 8 hours fa
♥ thanks for your gift ♥                                           

ortega42 ha detto:

about 15 hours fa
I understand nothing what you want what is the purpose of your challenge thank you for informing me good evening kiss

BBB338 ha detto:

about 15 hours fa
Hi Helen--What a cute challenge--whenever putting on a challenge--you have to put 4 or the highest number on evertthing they ask! Then when the com-petition starts they seem to lower the number on some of the things! I made this mistake before too, long ago before I got wise to it--and had only 1 and only 2 days--we all go through it! Love, and Hugs!!

BBB338 ha detto:

10 days fa
They cut Funniest Blingees out of Competition, and animals, babies, couples, etc> They cut the price of puttin on challenges in half! So---every week I will put on a your funniest --something old or new! This week I just started "Your Funniest Valentines"--I'm bringing funny back!!

BBB338 ha detto:

20 days fa
Wow! 2 wins! Congrats #5 win Food Art! Cute and beautiful! I hope you are feeling well!

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