Mountain and Sky Reflection, Animated

Mountain and Sky Reflection, Animated
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A beautifully pristeen mountain lake in the middle of a pure and untouched forested and mountainous landscape, rich with life and vibrance, shades of color that are absolutely magnificent. Mountains that touch the sky of royal blues and golds with whisps of angelic majestic, eternal, and imposing a sight as you could ever imagine! Evergreens as far as the eye can see! That fresh smell of pine scent lingers in the air laced with the earthy scent of the forested underbrush and fresh earth, all on a crystal clear and ever so placid lake, as crisp and clean as nature intended! Take in the sight, fragrance, and sounds of nature surrounding you! How truly magnificent and overpowering that such majesty still exists! A place where the cares of this world melt away in timeless wonders! Original image captured in 1024/768 pixels, resized to 400X400 pixels, 2.23 MB, and added water animation using "Squirlz" software, saved as GIF image (.gif).
caricato da: mtlonewolf

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