Sara x Vivi [South Park FCs]

Sara x Vivi [South Park FCs]
Alright, so Sara is a new character I made. I might make Token x Sara pictures [Sara likes him] & I might make more pictures of her but I don't know she's sorta a supportive character for Vivi. Anyways, Let me explain how these two met. It all started when these bullies who really suck at bullieing started picking on Vivi. They said stupid comments like, ''Your outfit is so babish! my 5 year old sister wears those clothes!'' & ''I bet that's not even your natural haircolor, freak!'' Or names like 'nerd' or '4 eyes' or 'Pizza-face' Even though Vivi doesn't have pimples xD. So, one day, onec Vivi sat down near all the boys, ignoreing the best she can of those bullies, Vivi comfronted them & said how they suck at bullieing so much. Soon she said examples on how that kind of bullieing isn't even hurtful but just plain annoying. She commented of how stupid they look, & dress. [The bullies dress like they are in the 80s or 90s] Soon the bullies were so hurt somehow, they pretended to suicide themselves but faking it. Like, ''IM GONNA JUMP OFF THE SWINGSET!'' or, ''I'M GONNA END MY LIFE WITH THIS SUPER SOAKER TO MY HEAD.'' Course Vivi knew that wouldn't get them anywhere but look like complete idiots. That's until they accually made it like it really hurt them. Everyone except her friends & Kyle took it seriously, & someone suggested Vivi should be sendt to a place kids learn to behave themselves, but for girls. Course, Vivi didn't want to go. So she did everything possible trying not to go. She knew how rough that place was, she saw it on T.V. before. So yeah she did everything, even if they meant having to hide in Cartman's dirty laundry. {ewie!} But it was no use, she ended up going there anyway. It was really scary with all those tuff girls, & weird chicks who pretended to be men. Vivi knew she wouldn't survive this place alone. Then, a girl named Sara spotted Vivi from a distance. She knew Vivi wasn't the type to end up in a place like this. Sara sometimes is nice girl, & she thought Vivi looked normal. She always wanted normal friends. So, she taught Vivi how to survive that place. Vivi was confused why Sara would team up with her, she didn't know if she should trust her. Soon, those two became good friends. They both were fun, funny, & were good with pranks. They both trusted eachother. You are either in the Bratz side, or Barbie side, she told Vivi before they became friends. Vivi said Bratz of course since she kinda likes those dolls & soon Sara & Vivi had 1 thing in common. One day the 'Barbies' Were claiming alot of the playground is theres. Sara couldn't stand shareing with those preps. So, Sara decided to think of a plan, along with Vivi's help. Now, Vivi stayed for 1 week, & that 1 week had one day that the guards would allow the girls to play with Fireworks. Sara & Vivi decided to put pop rockets in the slide. All the barbies played on the slide. Onec they set up the fireworks & started it all those girls jumped off the slide screaming scared as hell. Sara & Vivi laughed, many people did. But, not the guards. Sara & Vivi completely forgot what they were gonna do with the guards, Sara decided to take the punishment for both Vivi & her. Vivi was stunned. Sara really liked Vivi. as a friend that is. She never had such a good friend, all the people were she lives at that live near her were all just big-time criminals. At the end of the week, Vivi was accually sad she's leaving. She made so many friends & the place wasn't so bad after all. Ignore all the freaks & disgusting food there, that is. The night before she was leaving, Sara wanted to just chat the whole night w/ Vivi, even if shes not much of a chatter. But she just wanted to share with Vivi, after hearing about that Vivi listens to people. They did that the whole night, before they went to sleep, Vivi gave Sara a bracelet, she made fo her in art class. With ''Friends forever'' carved on it. Sara cherished it forever. Soon Sara moved to SP, She went to school, sometimes, there. She was abit of a poor kid, since her father is a taxi driver & never earned too much cash, but still was only happy she finally has a place to live were there are more children then criminals. Soon she also found her crush, Token. And became good friends with him aswell ^^. [Drawn by me.]
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