--I won't let you die <3 //Me & Kenny Fanfic//-Part 2-

--I won't let you die <3 //Me & Kenny Fanfic//-Part 2-
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Theresa is also in the School Newspaper business with Vivi, Sometimes Theresa would take a picture of Kenny & write good articles about him. Anyone she liked really. Vivi did that for Kyle onec & Theresa thought it was a good idea to write one for everyone, even for Kenny, to make him have a crush on her. Theresa thought Kenny & her as a couple, that maybe they will date forever. Theresa was always a pervert aswell & always thought while Kenny & her were in High School that in the before last grade of South Park High they will ''Do It''. She knew Kenny liked that stuff. She accidently walked in when he was watching P*rn & drooling over it. She giggled & didn't yell at him for watching it, thats just how Kenny is. She thought maybe they will get married, have their first child...everything. She knew that today, on this Field Trip, the last day of school then 4th grade for her & 5th for the 4th graders next year. That she had to tell Kenny her feelings for him. Because she knew this was killing her & wanted Kenny now. ''Pair up kids its almost time to go! Hopefully we have enough kids to be partnered up with. I'm not being partnered with some little shit & having to watch them all the time while i got others on the line!'' Ms. Garrison said, pretending she had long hair & flipping it back. Theresa giggled. she never understood Ms. Garrison. But always thought she was funny even if shes being serious. Vivi snickered trying not to laugh, Vivi had the loudest laugh in the class, So when she laughed at Ms. Garrison, she would get in trouble. All the children got out of their seats & looked for a partner, except Theresa. Ms. Garrison then said. ''Oh yes, the staff wants you to pair up Girl Boy. Just..don't have s*x or whatever you kids do now adays in 2011.'' Theresa sighed, she was about to ask Vivi, or atleast Wendy. Vivi looked at Kyle & blushed. Theresa aw'd silently. She loved the fact that Kyle & Vivi are dating. Sometimes envy'd Vivi how lucky she is. Knowing Kyle is a guy Theresa would love to be with aswell. She never messed with Vivi & Kyle's relationship, never can she, their hearts are glued together forever. Kyle came over to Vivi & held her hand. ''I know what you're thinking, and yes i'll be your partner.'' Vivi hid her smile & softly squeezed Kyle's hand & kissed his cheek. ''Thank you'' Vivi showed her slight smile at Kyle. Then looked at Theresa. Who was daydreaming in class, as usual in her other class. ''Theresa! wake up!'' A loud, excited voice Theresa heard from Vivi. Theresa snapped out of daydreaming, nervously asked. ''Huh? whats up?'' Vivi rolled her eyes. ''The sky! now c'mon hurry up and pick Kenny as your partner!'' Theresa hesitated. ''B-But, what if he doesn't want to---'' Kyle inturrupted, ''Theresa, he likes you too I know it. Besides, most of the girls are asking out anyone but Kenny. They feel like they might get violated by him. What idiots.'' Theresa nodded her head, nervously walked over to Kenny, and said to him.. ''Kenny..y-you wanna be partners for the Field Trip..buddy?'' Buddy? Theresa thought. Smooth move moron. Kenny, muffled talk, said ''Sure''. Ms. G then said, ''Ok kids we all set? ok? lets go!'' After Theresa heard a barf noise, inturrupting Ms. Garrison. Stan puked on Wendy. Wendy ew'd & screamed. ''C'mon Stan! not right now!! T.T'' Fran stepped up & hugged Stan. ''Don't listen to her Stanley~ your puking is special<3 Heck, i'd love to be puked on by you~~'' Kids ew'd & laughed. Stan blushed alittle & scooted Fran away from him. ''Sorry Wendy..'' Ms. Garrison sendt Wendy to the nurse office, & Stan had to be paired up with the teacher. Theresa felt bad for Stan, knowing he never wanted this/ to happen. Theresa went over & cheered up Stan. After she went back to Kenny. ''You're such a good friend Theresa, you totally should have more friends i swear..'' Kenny said, scratching his head blushing. Theresa laughed nervously. Was he blushing? she couldn't tell by the crappy lighting at the school. ''Thanks, but I have all the friends I need.'' She then walked with Kenny, & others behind & in fronrt of them to the bus. As they drive to the field trip place to where wild animals live. All of them were fake robots & they just amuse the kids. But oh how crappy they were. Theresa & Kenny fell asleep with their heads touching eachother. Still holding hands. When Theresa woke up & quickly put her hands away like nothing happened. Kenny woke up asking if we are here.
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