Kyle Broflovski - Jew [Happy Birthday Kyle<3]

Kyle Broflovski - Jew [Happy Birthday Kyle<3]
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-Vivi POV- It was 10:00 at night, i was in my PJs at Broflovski {Kyle's} house. He didn't invite anyone else, ''whys that?'' i thought in my head. Can't be because he likes me, he obviously is gay for Stan, or Cartman. I'm just his 2# best friend...nothing more...even though, i do sorta have abit of a crush on him. Hes alburn hair & his light green eyes...those amazing-looking lips that are always chapped for some reason..F*ck, why can't i just tell him ''I LOVE YOU?'' I don't CARE if i get rejected! i just NEED to know! this whole situation makes me sick.. ''Vivi! Vivi!'' I snapped out of my daydreaming, Broflovski was calling me. We just finished another game of Street Fighter beating eachother. So far it was a tie. We did so much fun stuff today together, i swear he didn't even wave to his friends when we were playing soccer. He only nodded at them for some reason, & caught me when i almost slipped in the mud puddle. Was he planning to do this? oh, whatever. Probably not.. ''Oh, what is it? I'm so tired i can't even think straight..'' I did a fake giggle, he smiled slightly. ''Wanna go to bed then? Oh, i mean... you know OUR own beds../sleeping bags..'' He stuttered, hesitated thinking he wants me in bed with him. I blushed but hid it. ''Oh, uh, nah. You can go to bed though i'll stay up alittle more.'' Broflovski said, ''Oh alright, I'll see you tomorrow. Ike's crying should totally wake you up.'' He laughed then went in his room, & i stayed in the living room stareing at the TV that i just turned back to regular TV & not video games. I saw a romantic/comedy movie on. Ugh, not these..anything but these. It was about a girl who was in love with this guy but is terriblely clumsy. Saw those alot in movies..not new. Somehow, i had an idea to try to pretend im talking to Broflovski, by using my stuffed animal i brang, Mr. Fox. I started copieing the movie, I told Broflovski or my Fox stuffed animal, my mixed feelings towards him, my secrets & all the things i hid about me. Little did i know Ms. Broflovski heard all of it when she went to get a midnight snack for Ike. Quickly, i gave a peck of a kiss to Mr. Fox. I don't think he would like the kiss, he would scream out ''BEASTALITY!'' or something at me if he was alive. Then i heard soft chuckling. I turned my head blushing. ''W-Who is it? I was just watching T.V.! it was the TV!'' Agh, i swear im not a freak! i just needed to get this off my system. ''That's adorable, Elizabeth. Who knew you had a tiny crush on my bubby!'' I groaned embarrassed & looked away. I didn't want to be seen. That was stupid of me to do this at someone, KYLE'S, house. I then covered my face with a couch pillow & ran to Kyle's room, ready to go to bed & forget about this whole thing. I heard a fainted sound of, ''Elizabeth, wait!'' from Ms. B, but i didn't feel like stopping. I never felt embarrassed parents, sure they embarrassed me but not someone else's parents. I walked in his room, hoping Ms. B wasn't chaseing after me, im sure she didn't feel like it. I saw Kyle sleeping & rather breathing alittle loud, but not too loud. One of his arms was slipped off the bed & looked really..cute sleeping. I then, went to my sleeping bag to go to bed. But then i decided to go over to Kyle & brush his alburn hair out his eyes & stared at him for quite some time. ''Oh sleep funny-like...if i can only tell you i love you...'' As i moved in to kiss his forhead, I can tell his breath smelled like mints. Mints? did he just want his breath to smell good? or did he know i hate when people's breath smelled bad. But whatever, i kissed his forhead then i tripped on a toy truck he had. White, blank eyes, i fell on Kyle. My lips, my lips were close to his. Very, close. I bit my lip & zoomed my head out of the way of his. I then i put my chest up from his & stared at him, not thinking what to do next. ''Sh*t..'' I said Broflovski started wakeing up, with pain sense i elbowed him on the chest on accident falling. He saw me & wide eyes, he blushed pure red frowning. ''W-What the...Vivi?'' ''Oh my god i-- im--'' Kyle stopped me. ''No..its fine.. did you, trip or something? he raised up i was closer to him sitting near him on the bed. I didn't want to be too closed to him, so i scooted back. ''Yes, your toy truck, it was just laying there!'' Kyle crossed his eyes. ''My idiot little brother'! thats his, in the morning he was playing in my room with sorry'' he started stretching, i looked at the Terrence & Phillip images on his PJs. Then i spoke, ''No hes not dumb! he just turned 2 what do u expect?'' Kyle licked his chapped lips, closed eyes & sighed. ''I-I guess, but he is abit egg headed & has a small brain. But anyways, we should get sleeping.'' I tried not to laugh. But i smiled slightly. ''You get tired easily! its gonna be Saturday tomorrow, why don't we stay up & play till we fall asleep?'' ''I'm not sure my mom will like that..but..okay, sounds cool.'' I said, 'How about we wrestle? i haven't fight you in a long time! ever sense..we became friends. But yeah we only had one fight'' Kyle said, ''Aw dude thats crazy'' He hit me on the head with his hand softly & screwed up my hair. ''You really wanna do that? my fighting got better each time man i don't wanna hurt you.'' ''Are you forgetting im almost to the ultimate belt in karate? besides, this is wrestleing, it won't hurt too much!'' Kyle grinned. Then he started playing with me wrestleing & laughing. I did the same. ''A-Ah! oh!'' I was on top if him, & our faces, again, like when i fell on him..close. our lips...close. If Broflovski moved his head up, he would of touched my lips. I was holding his wrists down on the floor. ''Ha! I got you! whos the boss now!?'' I said, being cocky. Broflovski said, ''Alright you win! sheesh look whos so cocky. I underesimated you by alot. M-Mhm..'' He bit his lip. Probably because when we were moving around, my hair, which smells wonderful, the scent was spreading. And he admires things that smell nice. I stared at him, then i asked him what needed an answer. I'm done with this hiding. He is just so...MY TYPE! ''KYLE ARE YOU GAY!?'' i asked nervously then get off of him. ''I'm sorry! i had to say! because i need to tell you something! importiant.. maybe not even so importiant''..Broflovski then said, ''Huh? dude what the hell im not gay. Did Fatass tell you im gay or something?'' He shook his head. ''What a as*!'' ''No...i guessed you were or not...i mean.. it seems like you are in love with Stan, or Cartman. You're acting different towards them sometimes, like you care for them..too much. And like you said, you think girls are gross! i used to think boys were stupid but, tch, that was when i was 8!'' I said. ''Pff, im 10 now. I have a whole different emotion for...girls.'' ''Sure you aren't know, BI?'' ''No Vi im not BI either. Just, the girls i know i don't like..'' He said. ''What about Bebe? ''Dude i hate her! & shes not my type. Too spoiled, & acts too...blonde.'' ''Rebecca?'' ''We broke up years ago, she moved & i never saw her again. I got over her the next day. Our love was never true & she was abit annoying.'' Wow... I said in my head. ''I must be a bad friend, thinking that. You don't seem like the gay type. You seem like..the type who would protect his girlfriend..&..revenge anyone who would..hurt her. Physically or mentally.'' ''Well.. thats because, I am that type.'' Broflovski said, looking into my eyes. ''Vivi..i need to get this off my chest. Do me?'' ''Sure I like you, you're an awesome friend. Nice, sweet, funny, not to mention smart.'' ''Haha, im flattered Vi, but i meant...'' He closed up on my face blushing.'' ''Like...Like.' Do the neighborhood boy Jew?'' ''E-Eh...well..I..'' ''Won't be surprised if you like Stan, or Clyde..they are jocks'' ''Thats stupid...I don't like jocks..i like..i'' Then i started saying some of the stuff i said to Mr. Fox, how much i love Kyle. Kyle, flattered, then said some stuff about him being in love with me. ''Good, because, well.. I...kinda like you're so funny, pretty, nice & cool!'' I smiled..then, from the TV, i heard a song we both liked. '''' He said, nervously ''Bf & gf?'' I said, quietly, smiling & biting my lip. ''Definately.'' Then, Kyle, grinning, pressed his chapped lips onto my soft wet lips. I didn't know how to kiss so he took control then stopped. ''Come on try Vivi..'' ''What? I don't know how to kiss Kyle! & you kissed, what? 2 times?'' Kyle then said, ''Pucker your lips will touch alittle but not a fully kiss..then you press your lips softly onto your partner's lips..'' leaning near me & then kissed me. I enjoyed every part of it. To the part when he touched my shoulder slided down to my hands. ''I love you, Elizabeth Becca Vivi.'' Broflovski i felt the same for Kyle Broflovski. Finally i had him all to myself.
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