Gossip Talk with Vivi! (Anime, Chibi form!)

Gossip Talk with Vivi! (Anime, Chibi form!)
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Vivi: *Accidently drops Video Camera & picks it up* Damn.. stay still! ugh!.. *puts the Camera in a good angle & wont fall off to the floor* Ok uh.. there! whew jeez... *sits on chair & pretends to read book* ..*looks up* Oh hello, my name is Vivi. I have another name but JUST call me Vivi. My new friend (She was my enemy like Fran) or ex-enemy, Bebe, begged me to make a Gossip video..im not sure why but she wouldn't shut up about it so.. yeah ^^' i dont Gossip really, but keep that in your brain because after this ''Gossip Talk'' you're gonna think im a REAL Hypocrite. hehe >///<. Im here to Gossip about the main boys in South Park (Sometimes i hang out with them & go on wacky adventures with them :D) but sometimes im hanging out with other people.. or just playing alone (NO im not a loner D:< what makes you think that??) but anyways, let us begin ^^ Stanley Marsh, probably the leader in the group (That or Kyle Broflovski? Brofloskii? whatever ^^') He is a normal guy & cries about loosing Wendy alot. Boohoo! i lost the ONLY girl i can EVER date! listen Stan, ever heard of the phase, ''Theres plenty of Fish in the sea?'' or was it Ocean.. well you know what i mean. Wendys not the only girl in the world dammit! (Wendy.. a girl, not the resturant. But i think you know that) I even tried to both, get him back w/ her, & get over her (I failed completely! Stan's fault ^^') But other then that, hes a nice supporting guy, just has a gentle heart oh & hes funny, Did you see him get jealous? lmao! Next is Kenneth Mcormick, A poor boy who, judging by his clothes, lives in a Cardboard box i bet. I mean, HE EATS POPTARTS BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER! probably Brunch too! i'd be tired of Poptarts by the next day! (Yeah not a big fan of Poptarts.. i love Strawberry & Blueberry flavors though & Sundae ^^ too bad i can't eat them because of my Diabetes..dont pity me!) hes also a pervert.. seen stalking girls at the mall and or School.He stalked me before but Kyle (who i will get to last) punched him hard. I felt bad for giggling. x3.. he also has alotta deaths that only i remember! but soon i forget.. (Bad memory sorry -_-) but i kind of remember at times..*claps hands* well, weird moment i know! & he REALLY needs to take a shower *shakes head cutely* like damn! next subject, Eric Theodore Cartman *facepalm* Where do i even start? he has to be the most Annoying, Self-Centered, Selfish, Paranoid, Whiny, Mean, A Tease, Dumb, Silly, Adventerous, Racist, SEXIST, Bicurious, Funny..sometimes nice..*shakes head fast* ok ok hes my cousin & i love him! idk why its just.. i love him, like family! yeah im adopted & im sorta part of his family..sometimes he makes me laugh when he messes with Kyle.. & just bes mean to others funnyly.. i mean sometimes i dont laugh cause im like ''holy crap thats messed up!'' but still, horrible/great cousin :) last but not least.. Kyle Broflovski (Did i get his last name right?) Smart...Funny...Cute...Cool..Amazing...Brave...*q*.. *wipes drool off using jacket* W-Well, you get the point. H-Hes my one & only boyfriend. Who i will never take for granted FRAN (My 1# enemy Fran!) He changed my life.. he made me turn into what i am today.. in the past i was just a shy mean girl.. now im an adventerous, fun, still kinda mean girl ^^ more hobbies i got into, & i feel much more free! ^3^ what can i say bad about him? he taught me how to live! love! fight! <3..& his hair ITS SOO COOL! & hes omg hes body *q*.. ew wait hold on Vivi! not on camera >//<''...remember love isn't looks!.. *sigh* Anyway, i guess the only thing i can complain about is that he yells..ALOT! mostly at Cartman. He needs a big, fat chill pill, & to take a joke. But whatever, its so cool when hes mad >:D really brings out his emotions <3 i personally dont care for the looks, its how they act is what i like ;P its hard finding a girl like me, i know. That ends ''Gossip with Vivi'' See you never peace<3. *turns Cam off*
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