Vocaloid X South..Park!? WTF!?

Vocaloid X South..Park!? WTF!?
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Dont worry Kyle, REAL MEN WEAR SKIRTS. lol is that Kenny as Len or Tweek or Butters? or is that Len himself? LOL! and Craig babe GET USED TO THAT THING U CAN'T CONTROL XDDD! that is all ;] ««==÷ đ↕ℓ˨˩ѧ_ℓ↨☺♫♪♦♥♣เŦ א๏ย ฬคภภค ๒є ค รtѧг tђєภ א๏ย ﻮ☺ttค ๔๏ เt ♣ll tђєภ ย ﻮ๏tt♥ !:.:๒-г-เ-ภ-ﻮ เ-t!:.: ς.ђ..ค..ς..ђ..เ..ภ..ﻮ!««==÷ đ↕ℓ˨˩ѧ_ℓ↨☺♫♪♦♥♣
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