=) My names Nicole. I lovee Taylor Swift, shes my idol. I loveee video games. Mostly Super Mario (it was the series that got me into video games when i was younger). You could say im a tomboy if you really know me XD. Im not into the whole "omg i love bands theyre so awesome" thing but I will make exceptions to Muse and sometimes Paramore. I dont really care what people think of me I kinda of laugh of it. You could say im a rebel but im not the one to break the rules..sometimesXD. I dont wanna grow up I want to be that little three year old that never gets in trouble haha. I have a little problem with speaking the truth and that sometimes gets me in trouble..But I guess people cant take the truth.XD
Favorite Color:Yellow,Black,Red
Favorite Movie: I dont really have a favorite but it has to be "Good Burger" thats the funniest movie ever =P
Genre of Music:Im up for anything except for screamo and metal
Favorite book:The Darkest Powers Series (best books i ever read in my life XD)

I also have a youtube channel. Heres the link :) (I used to have over 1000 friends and over 600 subsribers but stupid copyright decided that i will never be making vidoes again XD)


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theswanprince... ha detto:

795 days fa
hi want to be friends

loveXrosalina ha detto:

3745 days fa
Thanks and yeah I hope so! :P

sweetxcupcake ha detto:

3747 days fa
Um you could make a Taylor Swift one...:D

sweetxcupcake ha detto:

3747 days fa
Thankyouu....Your blingees are really cute too....If you wanna talk you can post away anytime...:D...xx..

xxBiggestPrin... ha detto:

3748 days fa
Thanks =) I like your blingees, too.

kirbygirl42 ha detto:

3751 days fa

hiyo99 ha detto:

3949 days fa
i like your blingees

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