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Nyaa' This Bella {BePrecious}
Hacking My amazing sister,<3 I love this girl more than she loves me;P she's the best girl in the world and i don't want to lose her ever,<3 she's like my sister, I will forever have those amazinq memories from Summer 2010, when we met in my heart,<3 I miss her and loooove her sooooooooooo much, no matter what, I hope i'll meet her someday,<3 I love you silvy, never forget'<3 { }


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Justin,Selena,and Jazmyn
Justin,Selena,and Jazmyn
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Miiley-Cyrus- ha detto:

1576 days fa
I miss you silvy

Miiley-Cyrus- ha detto:

1910 days fa
I love you

Disasterology† ha detto:

2381 days fa
this is bella. you probable don't remember me. but i miss you and i love you!

Miiley-Cyrus- ha detto:

2994 days fa
yay! hopefully we talk more :)

Miiley-Cyrus- ha detto:

3037 days fa
omg silvia <3 <3 i am good and you?
i really miss you fuck ilyssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssm <3

Miiley-Cyrus- ha detto:

3063 days fa
For the past few days I've been thinking back on blingee times a few years ago...i miss it and you and others <3 I feel so alone lately, you are a big part me and i need you. it kills me knowing it's over and the time we spent together has been over. i love you forever, friends forever in my heart. <3

hyuna. ha detto:

3224 days fa

T A E ♡

*sorry if I'm bothering*


demi_lovato77 ha detto:

3351 days fa
~Fifth Competition;
・:*✧・゚:* HBD TIFFANY HWANG  *:・゚✧*:・


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