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I am 13 years old. I have a horse named Sassy. She is a chestnut quarter horse that is almost 16 hands. She is my baby. I am an english rider. I might want to do show or endurence riding. Catch me when i am on line and we can chat. :)

My favorite actor is: Jim Carrey
My favorite perfume is: Refuge
My favorite movie is: The Notebook
My favorite tv show is: The Vampire Diaries
My favorite shoe is: High top black boots
My favorite color is: Purple
My favorite flower is: Rose
My favorite mineral is: Diamond
My favorite element is: Fire
My favorite season is: Fall
My favorite day of the week is: Saturday
My favorite mobile phone is a: Verizon Blackberry
My favorite song is: Don't Trust Me by 3oh!3
My favorite music is: Pop, Rap, R&B, Country
My favorite animal is a: Horse
My favorite food is: Shrimp
My favorite time of day is: Sunset
My favorite store is: Areopostale
My favorite book is: The Twilight series


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Syrah67 ha detto:

4903 days fa
hi nice blingees. i like horses too! :D

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