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My name is Upas and I am a female 20y/o. I have been on this website since 2011 and this is my second account. I made this new account since I was inactive on my other account for a very long time and all of my friends there had quit blingee. 

I enjoy watching anime and reading manga. Some of my favourite animes are Cardcaptor Sakura, Inuyasha, Fairy Tail and One Punch man. I like reading books. I have two cats- Lily and Venus. I love dogs too. 

My fav artists are Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift and Owl City. I believe in making blingee a happy place to come like it has always been to me. The only rating I give is 5 stars since I really respect the love and effort you put into the blingee while making it. 

And lastly, thank you for your ratings and comments on my blingees. I am elated that you take your time to rate and comment on them. I am very thankful. 

My fav lyrics:

You say I'm too dumb to see
They judge me like a picture book
By the colors, like they forgot to read
I think we're like fire and water
I think we're like the wind and sea
You're burning up, I'm cooling down
You're up, I'm down
You're blind, I see
But I'm free...

-Lana Del Rey[Brooklyn Baby]


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★✿¤•gιѕєℓℓє.м... ha detto:

434 days fa
Hey! I'm wondering if maybe you can join with some on p**mix? We need more anime universe on there. This is my profile if you'd like to :)

BBB338 ha detto:

758 days fa
Happy Healthy New Year 2021!
Dear Upas,

For safety of your computer, from possible hackers,  Adobe says to uninstall Adobe Flash Player by 12-1-2021 (Jan. 12, 2021). Already 3 countries in Europe that I know of BLOCKED-Flash Player-Germany, Italy, and Poland. Here is the link to the warning I got:

Important to read this page! I uninstalled mine! Hopefully, Blingee finds a solution soon!
I am Mollycat2020 on pixmix!

passionpussycat ha detto:

771 days fa
Merry Christmas Sweetie!:)


_αѕυиα.уυυкι_ ha detto:

844 days fa
Would you like to be informed for future contests in the ~Anime Forever~ group?

wua8 ha detto:

1009 days fa
•*¨*•♫♪gℓαмσяσυѕ ⓐⓝⓘⓜⓔ•*¨*•♫♪

slice of life ☆ 25th Contest

Winners announced for the 4th minigame and 24th contest! Prizes will be given out shortly <3

wua8 ha detto:

1019 days fa
•*¨*•♫♪gℓαмσяσυѕ ⓐⓝⓘⓜⓔ•*¨*•♫♪

Voting -

idol ☆ 24th Contest (pg. 2)

minigame ➍ phase 3 (pg.3)

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