The Demon Within

When I was eleven years of age
my mother whispered in my ear
that everyman has a demon inside
and it lives within men’s fear.

When he struggles to get his way, 
the demon will show a mood.
Find fault with all manner of things, 
and become extremely rude. 

And when it’s feeling sorry for itself, 
it will say as it raises its ugly head, 
“No one thinks or cares about me, ”
and throws a tantrum, and goes to bed. 

After having a long stressful day at work, 
the inner demon is straining at the leash.
Its temper is fermenting and ready to explode 
at anyone within easy reach.

When a man is in a quiet subdued mood, 
and something weighs upon his mind.
The demon is stirring up another volcano, 
and an eruption is only a matter of time.

If a man is losing his way in an argument, 
it will prompt them to raise his voice.
At the very least this will overpower everyone, 
of course it’s a last bastion of intercourse.

When you grow up my son and become a man
remember your hidden demon.
For everyone’s sake keep it locked away
and don’t release it for any reason. 


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vi078 ha detto:

3215 days fa
awesome blingees im going to  voted  the ones  i like 5 stars heh  so im  violet ( yuka chan ) nice to meet you 

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3342 days fa
hello friend!

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