nancy saey

hello everyone question have you heard anything or that blingee team has found a solution for flash player takes ages gr nancy


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BBB338 ha detto:

1143 days fa
Happy Healthy New Year 2021!
Dear Friend,

For safety of your computer, from possible hackers,  Adobe says to uninstall Adobe Flash Player by 12-1-2021 (Jan. 12, 2021). Already 3 countries in Europe that I know of BLOCKED-Flash Player-Germany, Italy, and Poland. Here is the link to the warning I got:

Important to read this page! I uninstalled mine! Hopefully, Blingee finds a solution soon!
I am Mollycat2020 on pixmix!

Akio097 ha detto:

1150 days fa
✨•.¸☠ Ҡıηց∂σɱ σԲ Ðαʀκηєss ☠¸.•✨ 


I invite you please to participate in the new challenge of the group:

Hope you have fun and good luck!

kruczek1 ha detto:

1156 days fa
Best wishes for You Happy New Year ♥

passionpussycat ha detto:

1156 days fa
Merry Christmas Sweetie!:)


Бинги ha detto:

1161 days fa
Merry Christmas!

kruczek1 ha detto:

1166 days fa
Merry Christmas to You, my Friend

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