Sorry I haven't been around much.  My laptop broke.  I borrowed one today for a different project so I thought I would drop in for a visit.


I love arts and crafts.  I'm a housewife and mother.

Blingee groups I have started:
The Doll House

Hearts and Flowers



  • Numero di volte al centro dell'attenzione: 47
  • Distintivi: 1,110
  • Blingee Oro: 4,300
  • Blingee Argento: 7,873
  • Stamp contribuiti: 498,393
  • Cartoline: 110,098

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tinamnd ha detto:

145 days fa
Hello, I wanted to know if you would be interested in another site like blingee?
I am having one built.

ItsYouAndMeFo... ha detto:

689 days fa
Hi friend, I have moved to picmix with the same user ItsYouAndMeForever267 <3

DouceSophie ha detto:

741 days fa
welcome my dear , I am happy that you are in my circle, hugs and kisses for you..have a nice day!!

lealive ha detto:

968 days fa
Greetings Jennifer :)

I was speaking about the site PICMIX
It is very boring and lonely too 
Also they are in serious need of stamps
I am so sad that Blingee is shutting down I love this place o much :(
So now I am saving as many of my blingees before blingee disapears :(


michelle1234oi ha detto:

978 days fa
My nickname on that pi ... x site (I can't say the name of the site, but I believe you know which one I'm talking about) is the same as here michelle1234oi, but I still have hope for the Blingee

BBB338 ha detto:

983 days fa
It is still 11-1-2021 in USA but in Europe it is 12-1-2021. (Jan. 12, 2021). In Germany, Poland, Flash player has stopped working now!

For safety of your computer Adobe says to uninstall Adobe Flash Player by 12-1-2021:

Important to read this page!

kruczek1 ha detto:

990 days fa
New contest in Japan Art Group

SHAKENBAKE32 ha detto:

995 days fa
good to see u '

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