Go FootBall

I'm a girl 
i love the jets, vikings, green bay and bears
also don't go to animal killers
I hate hunting
i love football, softball and soccer
and i love yorkie terriers 
|..........| Put this on your
|..........| page if you have
|.......0..| ever pushed a
|..........| a door that said pull.


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PunkyEmoKaulitz ha detto:

5159 days fa
dude miley cyrus should kill herself she is so annoying every one know's she lip sings and shes pregnet she act sweet but really is a ho she is tottally a chick with a dick so big her ass is fake!!!!!!! thank you plz add me ;)

football10191 ha detto:

5167 days fa
go to the second group

rislovescats ha detto:

5171 days fa
thnx urs too*smiles*

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