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Hi my name is Kayce. I love anime! The animes I watch are Soul eater and InuYasha. Im 12 years old and have 1 brother. Yes I have a Google+ account my name is Kayce Dunn so add me if ya like. I like yaoi expecially Morby if you dont know what it is to bad go find out lol. My BFF is Hailey barth, she is awesome! She also loves anime :3. Oh! And also I have a IMVU account I am KayceCutie so add me if ya like :). I love to write stories and draw. My favorite bands are: Bullet for my valentine, Skillet, Metallica, Black Veil Brides, Simple Plan, and I think thats all lol. My favorite shows are: Regular show, adventure time, Inuyasha, Soul eater and Spongebob (who doesnt like Spongebob?! lol) And I love dubstep!!! My favorite dubstep dj is Skrillex :P. Well I guess thats all about me if you wanna know more just ask me! Bye love you all! <333


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