Im a creator and an artist at  heart, I love to write and am fascinated with anything creative.  I see so many great pieces of work here its amazing.  This site is obviously a great way to create all sorts of different "looks" and to have fun.  Yet it is most assuredly addictive. 

----///-\\\----Put This
---|||---|||---On Your 
---|||---|||---Blingee Site If 
---|||---|||---You Know 
-----\\///-----Who Died
----///--\\\---or has Cancer



Flowers draped with a color so bright the eyes become mesmerized by the thrive
Earth drenched with a deluge of monsoon that makes everything smell alive
Music so perfectly pitched that it evades the senses with the wonder of what can be
Flavors of the delectable kind that makes the palette wish to forever savor the medley  
Wispy breezes that washes over the body making the skin feel like it is being lightly kissed
Shooting stars that are so bright they create a childish wonder to conjure a wish
Feathers running over the face tickling every tiny hair starting an inner fire 
Silk woven so splendidly that it glides along the skin alighting it with desire
Light touch on the nape of the neck massaging the muscles relaxing the mind
Tilting of the head to garner a more intense reaction as you give in to the unwind
Hands holding the shoulders while pulling close the body to feel the heat soon to come 
Whispering voice of a lover that creates delicious feelings of wonder throughout one
Lips pressing together gently and electrifying bursts of wonder equal to glorious treasures
Bodies slowly coming together in a sensual dance of the spirit to bring forth wonderful pleasures



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Preciousbaby63 ha detto:

2727 days fa
Thank you so much for the sweet comments. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs DI. Your art is beautiful.

nataliplus ha detto:

2727 days fa
Hi! Thank you very much for your flattering opinion about my work. I am very pleased! I'm glad that we became friends. Do you have good jobs and a good imagination.

Vykie4XENAres... ha detto:

4201 days fa
please take a sec and vote in the Fantasy Realm even if u didnt enter..thanks XD


Vykie4XENAres... ha detto:

4217 days fa
Come check out our new challenge in Fantasy Realm^^

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