~Misunderstood, perfectly crazy, crying poet~

I'm bipolar. I'm a poet. I am a Christian. I am who I am if you don't like it that's your problem!! Don't try and fix me because you dont know me!! So what if I'm a little broken!?! It's all part of who i am so back off!

     The lyrics in the songs i hear

       speak to me and help me disappear.

         The world outside this room is cold.

      these helpless feelings are growing old.

     So I'll shut the door hide behind the rhymes

         forgetting all these bad times. 

          Throw away the pills and blade.

    That i used when i broke the promises I made.    

            Forget the people that broke my heart.

       Lie in my bed feeling myself falling apart.

   Reach out for something to hold on to in the dark.

      In vain I search completely missing my mark.

         Wishing someone would find me here

       as I let go of everything once held dear.


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