Warning: I am a weirdo

My name is Sabrina I love Erasure,Thompson Twins,Yazoo,Depeche Mode,Laskoviy May,Malenkiy Prinz
☻~♥Das Deutsch Mädchen Scandal♥~☻
Best Blingee of mines :
Rank #1 James,best Boy blingee,Don't contradict me it was!!!! they cheated on the final ranking because I was number one for the whole fucking week!!!
Doogie Howser&Vinnie Delpino Rank #8 Best Boy Blingee
Rank #30 Leo, Best boy blingee
Rank#85 Freddy"Boom Boom" Cannon, Best Boy Blingee
Rank#60 Baptiste Giabisconi,Best Boy Blingee
Rank#85 Nikola Sirkis,Best Boy Blingee
Rank#60 Jack and Sally Best Goth Blingee
Rank#72 Beauty and the Killer Beast Best Goth Blingee
Rank#60 Betty Boop 1920's Best Vintage Blingee
Rank#50 Hello Kitty Best Girl Blingee
Rank#25 Joanna Levesque"Jojo" Best Girl Blingee
Rank#8 Prussia - Hetalia Challenge
Rank#10 Betty boop - Classic Cartoon Challenge
**welcome to my page I may sound like a German Mobster but please I am very nice,do me a solid and I'll do you a solid**
~~solid means do me a favor
People Born in January
Me --- 25th January Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Anatoly---11th January Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
Eddie Van Halen-- 24th January Happy Birthday!!!!!
Neil Diamond -- 26th January Happy Birthday!!!!!
Tom,the singer of the thompson twins -- January 17

♪I am a mutant not gay I know God makes no mistakes,I'm an X-men baby I was born this way♪
I speak Russian,German,Anglo-Saxon,Spanish,a bit french,and Italian
I love boys that no other girl would like.
Whether they are unoticable by the public or dead and gone


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falloutgirl76 ha detto:

3544 days fa
Please add your fabulous 50's blingee to my new group!

GabyChan13 ha detto:

4138 days fa
Awesome I'm glad that you won the Hetalia challenge atleast they appreciate your work of art there.

GabyChan13 ha detto:

4144 days fa
Ooh do tell & oh hey do you like that puppet on You Tube called Pepe Billete? XD

GabyChan13 ha detto:

4144 days fa
Sure & hey check out my new blingees.

GabyChan13 ha detto:

4144 days fa
Damn it sounds like bring a sexy man to school day.XD

GabyChan13 ha detto:

4144 days fa
That sucks that Hiram had an escort service & you didn't for the day,but anyways the blingee contest has nothing to do with you like better it just has to do with your vision of the Battle of the Bands that they'd have you know? :P

GabyChan13 ha detto:

4146 days fa
Sure & oh hey did you see my Barbie & the Rockers blingee yet?

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