меня зовут Виктория.я люблю кошек и творчество.мой день рожденья 18 июня.My name Viktoria.Love kitten and art.my brithday 18 June.


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ZaharaBlue ha detto:

84 days fa
Hello friend, 
I have created a challenge, 'Vintage Woman'. I would love if you can join. Thank you.

elanor1 ha detto:

381 days fa

wilfried1947 ha detto:

415 days fa
Dear Viktoria, thank you very much for your friendship offer. I accepted it with thanks. I've already distributed the 5 ***** several times. I like your beautiful blingees.

Аюся ha detto:

521 days fa
Христос воскрес! Со светлой Пасхой!
Пусть в доме будет доброта.
Пусть не встречаются ненастья,
Любовь в сердцах живет всегда.
Пусть солнце греет, обнимает,
Теплом и светом наполняет.
Пусть Бог хранит от бед всегда,
Пусть не приходит к вам беда

Vykie4XENAres... ha detto:

581 days fa
Seemingly a few people still create blingees daily, I guess if you have not deleted flash player and use a browser that allows it you can, although it's said to be a dangerous thing as it has security risks of being hacked.. I deleted flash January 12th or 15th I can't remember when the said was the last day.. 

Everything is hanging in mid-air.. kinda still here, but not really gfunctioning properly..

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
<3 xoxo
: Vykie

Vykie4XENAres... ha detto:

581 days fa
.. also there's no spring competition, there was no Valentine's day either.. if it's auto set they should have changed then? I'd think, and if not why let the others run??! it makes no sense. 

This one person 'a moderator' guardian06 said some thing like they'd be talking to the blingee team??!! can we trust whatever they say?? I don't know..like well, I'm a moderator, have been for years, okay I don't moderate billion things every day.. but simply being one never made blingee team talk to me

Vykie4XENAres... ha detto:

581 days fa
Hey, well.. the thing is the blingee_team does not respond to anyone as far as I can see, hasn't done so in months..officially they have NOT announced anything.. but it pretty much looks like they are not working on changing/saving the site from flash player mode to something else..

No info, yeah the date on the bottom was changed in January from 2020 to 2006-2021.. but competitions seem to be running still, maybe it's auto set.. but then why did the Christmas on last all February??

Аюся ha detto:

617 days fa
Привет!Хочу дружить с тобой на новом сайте https://ru.picmix.com/profile/AUSA

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