Bump...The Artist...Formerly Known...As Todd ~

Artist & Writer ~ 
Of Short Stories...& Poetry ~ 
Character & Art Creations... 
From The Darker...Dimmer...Lighter 
AfroDelic Bumpadelic Discodelic Funkadelic 
Rapodelic & Sensual Side Pgs. 
of Vision Comix... In Store !!! 
Tooo Explore ~ From Shore Tooo Shore !!!  

Written & Owned Byyy g.T Beck's 
*** Vision & Design *** 
Inaccordance w/ Dead Tree Art & Poetry ~ 
Inco-op w/ AAA Lovers Lane Edition
Inassociation w/ Pain Inda Ass Studios ~ 
InAffiliated w/ Myyy (ARS) American Rebel Style ~ 
Alda While Presented In Bx Blurred Visions ~ 
;) Red Monkey ~ Agenda's 
Red Phone Diary's ~ Behind Da Red Do 
In Political Propaganda Panda 
& Da Pet Peeeved Public In Tow 
As Weee Know & Grow AAA BxFx Style & Fashion ~ 
Thinkin Outside Da Box ~ Th_ Flippin Udder Side ~ 
& Da Flippin Funky Far-Out...Udder Side Of Da Moon ~ 
w/ The House of Stories ~ & Gorie Storie's 
In AAA Thingreyline Silverlinin Grey Dark Cloud 
& Grey Matter Product & Production ~ 

Reused & Recyclin America ~
One Word & Art Peice Of Peace At AAA Time ~ 
In AAA Universal Dashin Fashion Of Wine & Dine... 
Alooong w/ Original Works & Ideas 
From Alll ® TM © WITHIN…
Byyy BxFx & An Art Byyy Todd ~
Including & Not Excluding AAA Bogsite More ~~~


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Political Propaganda ~ Stop Callin Meee Bush !!!
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Vera_09 ha detto:

3776 days fa
.|░|..  5***** Happy Christmas!
Abraços amigo


Shilla2000 ha detto:

3796 days fa
Einen schönen 1.Advent wünsche ich dir ganz lieb.

SunMoonStars ha detto:

3854 days fa
Voting has started in the Black and Gold challenge, Best Friends.
Hope you have a great weekend!!! :)

KMBJTH ha detto:

3984 days fa
There's a new challenge in black n gold!! 


Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!

SunMoonStars ha detto:

4035 days fa
New Challenge for Black and Gold group! 
Hope you join us and have lots of fun! Thank you , love always, Melanie & Autumn 

SunMoonStars ha detto:

4037 days fa
Please vote in Black and Gold group challenge :)
Thank you, Love, Melanie and Autumn 

SunMoonStars ha detto:

4062 days fa
Voting has started in the Black and GOld group challenge, please vote! Thanks and have a great day!!! Love you!! 

lousei ha detto:

4089 days fa
For You. 
An early Valentine `s day card for you Friend. COPY AND PASTE IN THE BROWSER! http://www.jacquielawson.com/viewcard.asp?code=4019250942083&source=jl999

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