Live Life Smiling...

Name: Jessica or SmiiLeZ

1st Breath: April 19th 1990

Yearz Young: You do the math

Race: 100% Puerto Rican

Height: 5ft. 4in.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green, Brown, Grey & Blue all in one explosion

Skin: Tanned

Status: Living life with Evan {MARRIED}

Home: Trenton, N.J. (USA)

Live: Hollywood, C.A. (USA)

Body: Athletic

Sports: Football, Baseball, Boxing, Basketball, Running, Swimming

That should be enough information about me for you all to indulge in.

                      >>>Evan (The Husband)<<<

            Apart from being my husband, he is also a very good friend. He is a very beautiful man with a smile of the gods. He has done so much for me and has given me the greatest gift of all time, our gorgeous daughter Rubi. Words can not possibly explain my appreciation for this man for everything he has been through with me, for everything he has put up with from me and continues to put up with. I Love You Evan.

`·.  Evan

                     >>>Keishla (The baby sis)<<<
                                     MY LITTLE MINI ME!
This girl is the love of my life apart from my daughter, she has been there for me during all of my struggles and all of my successes. I am so proud of her in every way for becoming the woman she is today. She does so much for me and I have nothing but profound gratification toward her. I love this girl and I am more than happy to see her succeed in life and be happy with my brother in law.

                        >>>KhrizZ (The baby bro)<<<

                                    He is my only younger brother and although he can get quite annoying sometimes I love him with all of my heart. He is always looking out for me and always wondering how I am. Unlike a lot of other friends and family, he will call me just to say hi, to see how i am doing and to tell me he misses me. There is nothing I wouldnt do for this kid and vise versa.


Live Life Smiling :)


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LadyCherry7 ha detto:

4817 days fa
♥Jally'z b-day 2morrow 7/14♥

dat_nigga_jo21 ha detto:

4875 days fa

noodle2123 ha detto:

4882 days fa
oh sorry my bad gosh

Princess_of_D... ha detto:

4895 days fa

dat_nigga_jo21 ha detto:

4912 days fa
datz wut it du ma..i don't really fuk wit diz blingee shit no more,lol

noodle2123 ha detto:

4912 days fa
hey wats up u know how ur 17 how old is ur man jus askin

LadyCherry7 ha detto:

4924 days fa
hey wat b ^ wit chu??☺

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