( iie iie iie iie iie iie !! tch, my baka brother dosen't know what no mean !! grr is soo annoying!! sometime )





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Konata15 ha detto:

4109 days fa
Well your hope payed off :D I saw the message and replied x] It has been ages! I've been great! I still come back once in a blue moon and check this place out~ And how have you been? :D

kasumi1110 ha detto:

4497 days fa
hi i really like your blingees ^-^ 

DayDreamingFa... ha detto:

4581 days fa

New Competition in "I Love Angels" Group starts today! Have a look:



Konata15 ha detto:

4608 days fa
Wow it's been a long time xD I don't get on here all that much anymore xD I've been good~ I'm trying to use it more often now ^^* How have you been?

XOXOAMI ha detto:

4617 days fa
YAY..!!!! uu usin my blingee as ure group pik thingie :DDDD ^‿^  ჯօჯօმოἶ

Konata15 ha detto:

4838 days fa
I come back once in a blue moon! :D Well, not that much, but whenever I feel like it or remember I even have a blingee account xp My life is getting so complicated with high school! D: But I am STILL GONNA COME HERE!!!! :D I love it~ Hey :] I missed you~

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