Welcome to my Blingie

Hi I am Cat
My Birthday is Feb.5th My little ones is 3/17
Favorite art to do is goth and fantasy.

I am a mother of three boys youngest being 6. I Love animals and my mission is to educate people about diabetes.  Love music from shinedown, avenged sevenfold, 3 doors down, Seether, and Breaking Benjamin.  Oh and I can't leave out 3 days grace.  I love the song Not too late. It really hits levels of how I feel.

A truly beautiful b-day gift from KMBJTH:  http://bln.gs/b/24ak6i

Noticing some things here on blingee that is kind of odd,  why do some people put unrelated blingees in competitions?  That is really weird.  I do not ever choose them when I vote.

I have started to use blingee as a therepy to me.  It has become really therepeutic.  I have a wonderful blingee family that I adore and they are really talented blingee makers.  Some of the most creative people on here.

Please do not copy mine or other people's work they put their creativity in this and hard work.  If you want the credit then do your own.  

I have recently found some people out there and you know who you are that like to copy my work.  I am not coping yours please stop coping mine.  I am flattered that you like my work but it is not very fair.  If you needed help all you had to do is ask.

Keep it real.


History and background:
The words Goth and Gothic have had many, largely unrelated meanings in the past: 
the name of the Germanic Visigoth tribes that overthrew the Roman Empire. From this source arose the concept of a Goth as an uncivilized person, a barbarian. 4 
a style of architecture in Western Europe which was popular from the 12th to the 16th century. 
a style of horror/mystery literature that is dark, eerie and gloomy. 
Goth, as a modern movement, started as one component of the punk rock scene. As the latter faded, Goth survived by creating its own subculture. 
The first use of the term Goth in its present meaning is believed to have been on a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) TV program. Anthony H. Wilson, manager of Joy Division described the band as Gothic compared with the pop mainstream. The name stuck. 
Their use of black clothing was originally "something of a backlash to the colorful disco music of the seventies." 5 It also stuck. 
The movement first became established in the Batcave, a nightclub in London, England, in the early 1980's. 3 
Spreading to the U.S., it first became popular in California. 
Goth is featured in The Crow horror movies (1994, 1996). Other Gothic movies are the original Nosferatu, the color remake Nosferatu the Vampyre, and the Cabinet of Doctor Caligari. 
Popular music bands are the Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Sisters of Mercy, Dead Can Dance, and many others. 

Some think Goth is about Satism. To me it is about seeing beauty where few do.
I am a pantheist.  I see beauty in all living things on earth. Correction... Most things!   Blessed Be...

"Whatever you give a woman, she will make Greater. 
Give her sperm, she gives you a Baby. 
Give her a house, she gives you a Home.  
Give her groceries, she gives you a Meal. 
Give her a smile, she gives you her Heart.
She multiplies and Enlarges what is given to her. 
So if you give her any crap, 
be ready to receive a Ton of shit." 


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p01s0n_l1p5_0... ha detto:

1918 days fa
Love all your stamps, they are beautiful.


BBB338 ha detto:

2045 days fa
BBB338 says:
less than a minute ago
There is a New THEME Challenge in your Gothic Fantasy Group! Have fun!!


senstx ha detto:

2045 days fa
Hello! Please come check out the new stamp challenge in Gothic Fantasy Group! http://blingee.com/group/61563/topic/106766-New-Stamp-Challenge-4-28-16

Vykie4XENAres... ha detto:

2083 days fa
Hi dears it's voting time in Gothic Fantasy!!

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