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"Just because I cannot see it, dosen't mean I can't believe it" by ♥TwilightLover373♥
"I don't miss you, I miss the misery": Goth Fantasy by ♥TwilightLover373♥
【o͙n͙ a͙n͙o͙t͙h͙e͙r͙ d͙a͙y͙...】
Pun c;
-Marilyn Monroe-
Graduation quotes challenge
Give me Love-Ed Sheeran♥
The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they L♥VE
Don't You Forget (That Woman-Child)
Is it worth a try? (Para Nerea)
I wanted to tell you my secret: Part 2
Dear God 2-23-2009

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