liebe und sooo

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Paris is Our in 4 Years.♥ Happy Birthday my Funky.Rainbow :* {600th. Blingee}
In your Eyes♥ I can drown and still survive. x3
M&M a Sweet Friendship there never ends:♥
Birthday Melody for Ines
♥For my Two little Stars and Bestiies on blingee♥ You Both are the best:** I looove you sooo much my Schatziies
Dreamchatcher ~ ( für Yunalee)
i LoVe You FoR EveR and i think of you... and i miss you sooo
tini und sting
I miss you..
Beste.Freunde.Für.Immer.Club~ Spongiie (Sara) und Patrick(Michi) + Der Nestea.Bear und die Chicka.♥ I love you :*****
True friend don't say 'I love you♥ They show you il lo you :) Für Maria&Micheley
You give me the hummingbird heartbeat.♥

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Earth Hour am 26. März 2022

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