how do i make a angel for xx xaxaxxaxax xx picture

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How do i live
❖ Kagome sama ❖ i wish i had an angel / for one moment of love -- engelkagome1
~♥♫• Anime` Girl` (in` pink`) - I` got` a` boy`•♫♥~
I Need A Vacation!  :)   (for Gimme a Break Challenge)
OOPS i forgot a name for you, Sandra and Luna!
Everyone Make A Wish For Christmas!!!
How Do I Get Back?
I Have A Surprise For You!!!!
one of ma freind dat i created a blingee for!!
i wish i had an angel, for one moment of love
Happy Autumn for all my Friends!
Zack Fair - "If you want to be a hero, you need to have dreams.." [for xx-la-vache-xx]