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A day ιn тнe lιғe oғ a vιllage
60's, 70's and 80's Favourite Singers...Beatles- A Hard Day's Night
light e L
A day ιn тнe lιғe oғ a vιllage
Lυkα Cяσรรzєяiα {BlσσdyCяσรรYυki}
αмιɢαѕ..ɴo preѕυмιdαѕ, pero ѕι мυy вιeɴ dιverтιdαѕ ((ιɴ yellow)) вy:тĸмjυѕтιɴвιeвer..eѕтιlo υɴιco e ιɴιɢυαlαвle((ɴoт copy))
i want you here with me from tonight until the end of time
Dare To Dream - Random Artistic Beauty - E L A R N 0 3 - Elarn03
=|=£- I N S A N E  - B L A C K - R O C K - S H O O T E R -£=|=:BRShooter:
J e r s e y S h o r e ♥
♥ ».ѕнє'ѕ ραят σƒ мє.« ♥
♥ ».мıʟεч cчяυƨ.« ♥