What Are Your Thoughts On The New Eeveelution????

immesso: 2913 days fa
Sylveon,now confirmed to be a fairy type,is definatly a favorite of mine.I didn't know if someone else had done this already,so I decided to make tis.Tell me what your opinion is.Do you like it,love it,hate it????What are your opinions on its type,fairy???
immesso: 2911 days fa
I think Sylveon is cute and funny(?), but fairy type...oh, come on, it is stupid and 	
useless! This is my opinion, fo course!
immesso: 2682 days fa
Its cute!
immesso: 2611 days fa
I like Sylveon! When the name was first released I thought that it would be steel because Silver sounds like Sylveon. But even thought Sylveon was actually fairy, I really love it. But not as much as Fennekin!  :3

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