Hi, i want to say hello

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My name is Monique and im from the Netherlands, i live about 20 km from Rotterdam.

I like ''to blingee'' in my free time and it's almost a addiction.;)
Especially the fantasy stuff...im searching hours for nice pics, but i do it with love.
Im almost blind from searching stuff and glitters, but it doesnt matter...lol. Anyway, i hope to learn from you all.
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A big welcome from all of us, I hope you enjoy this group there are alot of very talented people here just wish I was one of them lol anyway its your group so enjoy Geoff
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hello to u too mon.. wish u the best.. blingee is the best.. i already hooked with it hahaha
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hey my name is brittney and i just started it but its alot of fun
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Hey everyone!! I'm Jennifer. I am currently in Japan! Japan is AWESOME!!! Anyway it's nice to meet all of you. I love this website. I'll have to agree with the first person who put up a post. This site IS addicting!

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