~One Last Goodbye Kiss~

~One Last Goodbye Kiss~
Sharp Edges Pt.3:One Last Goodbye Kiss ~ Liberty's being haunted by a ghost,Asberry who needs her help 2 rescue his one true love,Isa from an evil vampire named Ferris.Jarod & Layla go off with Jada 2 hunt down the beast that flew away with her brother Tate,& Liberty gets Gabriel 2 watch Autumn while she & Oasis search for Salem's hideout where both women (Lily & Isa) are being held captive;but before they leave Gabriel tells Liberty he wants a divorce..Autumn walks in on them & hears everything.She runs off,& Gabriel runs after her..Meanwhile Liberty & Oasis go on their way 2 try & rescue Isa & Lily...Jarod,Layla,& Jada find the black winged beast in it's cave & kill it,but it's 2 late for Tate.He's already dead...Liberty & Oasis follow a clue 2 the old Ruins' Cemetary & find Salem's hideout inside 1 of the graves that leads down into a secret tunnel passageway.Ferris tries 2 stop them from entering so Liberty battles it out with him while Oasis goes ahead,jumps down into the grave,& climbs down the ladder..He finds Isa inside a locked room,but Salem & Hella had already made their getaway & took Lily with them..Liberty had the chance 2 stake Ferris,but instead she gave him back what he lost when he became a vampire..His soul..When Oasis returned with Isa from out of the gaping hole in the ground a light beamed down upon them.Asberry thanked Liberty & Oasis for their help then turned toward a teary eyed Isa..Asberry tells her,"Goodbye,my love," & then they kiss one last time before he disappears into the light..Liberty & Oasis warn the others of Salem's plans so the good-doer gang prepare 2 leave town & load up inside a van,but Star (Layla's boyfriend) tells Layla he's staying behind,& he'll meet up with her later..Before they leave Kellita brings Jolene (Jarod's daughter) 2 say goodbye 2 him;Gabriel makes amends with his daughter Autumn & then kisses Liberty goodbye 1 last time.©COPYRIGHTED BY:BECKY J
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hel888en ha detto:

4399 days fa
How Sweet...Love It..Debbie

blh0861 ha detto:

4440 days fa
=] if ur wondering why i'm rating so many of your old creations...i try to go to my friend's badge page & see if they have silver badges that need additional ratings to get the gold badge.  HOWEVER, sweet pea, it's hard to find any for you.  LOL!  most of your silver have already been turned to gold!!  but i love looking at ur creations anyways!!!

malice_in_won... ha detto:

4523 days fa
best show on tv, nothing has come close since. Auto Fav on this one. you know I couldn't resist 

scorpio39 ha detto:

4526 days fa
so awesome, i haven't read the story yet but i will when i get the chance, i know it'll be that much more special and this is the bomb!

sexylilmama1981 ha detto:

4528 days fa
cant wait to read whats next

sexylilmama1981 ha detto:

4528 days fa

starfish82 ha detto:

4530 days fa
Wow...and then what happens...haha..I love love love blingees like this. I call them 2 for 1; a great work of  art and a story so amazing. you have to keep me posted woman...I can bearly wait...lol. love it. and I miss Buffy. Yeah she went on for 7 seasons but I miss her so much...lol

Darklingangel ha detto:

4531 days fa
this is amazing i will certainly be reading your story. luv how u did this blingee so creative

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