Yall got some splainin to do!

Yall got some splainin to do!
We all kne wit would happen to one of the guys but not all of them..anyway heres their mug shots! Lee:Gai Sensei wont be happy with me! Gaara: Hope Temari bails me out. Kiba: My Mom probably expected this but Ill still be in trouble. Neji: My dad's dead so Hinata will have to come get me. Naruto: What's the camera for there dude? Shikamaru: At least I got some smokes to keep me occupied. Asuma sensei wont come unless I hold his smokes hostage. Sasuke: Their are perks to being an orphan. Kiba get ur dog out my face! Chouji: Me want more cookies! Me: Lol! Ur all in trouble and Im only bailin out Kib's so he can stay at my place! *We leave* Lol! That'd be great.
creato da: Rayna_rawr

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