Suicide is near now...

Suicide is near now...
College has just fucked up my enrollment by not letting me in until 2 weeks because of transport error again! F**k this s**t! I'm going to kill myself for sure seeing as nobody cares!! I'm too heartbroken, sick and depressed to live anymore!! Just kill me now and end this pain!! Goth, emo, artistic. gothic, etc. HannahJuly. xoxo.
creato da: HannahJuly

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kaykitty727 ha detto:

1874 days fa
How did things turn out little Buddy?

superanimelover ha detto:

2606 days fa
Please don't:(
you can do it!
I have faith in you!

Fresita-2.4 ha detto:

2606 days fa

tgrams_shebes ha detto:

2606 days fa
Oh Honey, please don't! I hope you are just relieving your stress here and not making real plans! Life brings us lemons you must make lemonade! hang in there honey! it will get better, I promise!

MusashiMurayama ha detto:

2606 days fa

Preciousbaby63 ha detto:

2606 days fa
I totaly agree with Kay. It wont do any one any good if you do that. You will go to down under and thats not a place for a sweet person, So dont do that, Bless you sweetie,Hugs Di

kaykitty727 ha detto:

2606 days fa
Iam calling the police! =(
Hey Hannah! Taking your life just coz things are a little messed up isn't the answer...and this is a pretty messed up message for others to see. Really sad..

sonja167 ha detto:

2606 days fa
wah, eek,

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