VIRGO ***** **** A *** virgos like to follow the instructions, if given the acquittals panic. The Fairy ** governs is called: * ARNICH *, it is very powerful to grant patience and inspiration in all creations. *** Sometimes you wonder why they are unable to keep your lover interested. The problem is the fear of the unknown, which is apparent in his misgivings about sexuality and love, two mysteries unveiled yet for humanity. Want ** escape the chaos that is love, then, is where we perceive cold and unromantic. To unleash your sensuality, will show the other side. *** Your sexuality is deep and sensual delicacy and sensitivity and allow you to realize the needs of others in a very precise way. * The problem, always, is to release the sensual side. They take a long time to warm up. Probably true, because they are afraid of the unknown and the chaotic. Passion is something that really can not be defined. ** Also slow in love, because he can not be deceived or entranced by a pretty face or a glorious body thinks too. *** This means you need to communicate with to foundation for a relationship. He identifies with his job and if you do not show interest in it, get tired of you, so you are the most beautiful and sensual on earth. Emotion and ** not bind to sex in a relationship virgos. Remember that they must have a meeting of minds and thoughts. The realism of Virgo *** also enters the scene and makes it difficult to be released and let out his hand "love at first sight". If someone feels invaded by too launched, will retract. It takes time for the heart of a Virgo is released from bondage, it needs to be nurtured and cared for with patience. ** Choose what is realistic and reliable on the exuberant. This is reflected in his personal tastes, habits and customs. *** Always choose what is useful, sure, what is known about the spontaneous, unpredictable and unreliable. This will be extremely boring and the word you need to learn to love is "fun". ** Like most, Virgo searches the couple things that represses itself. His greatest fear in life is the most fascinating in love: the passionate chaos and spontaneity of self expression of your imagination and intuition. *** Usually exempting themselves the pleasures of life. They prefer to work, for them there is always plenty to do. They choose a partner ** representing irresponsibility and drama, something unthinkable for themselves. Virgo *** is motivated to be the "Pygmalion", which makes the piece of diamond in a fabulous bright. ** Then comes the actual scene when the couple is too criticized and chastised. *** Relationships are not easy, unless you find another person of earth sign, stable and quiet that fits in your world safe. Fairy ** This gives the dose for happiness: a little child spirit to play, risking something new, a little knowledge about what is necessary but not indispensable for living life with meaning and satisfaction, and occasionally, errors or a fool. * Remember that in mythology, the fool is sacred. Red stars for you
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muchas gracias!Me voy a añadir a favoritos.un trabajo muy hermoso!muchos abrazos ♥ELENA :)

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*******************************************************************************BELLISSIMOOOO**********************ARTISTIC*FANTASTIC******************* MUY FELIZ PASCUA !!!********

korolek1976 ha detto:

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____    _( v  )   beautiful work
_(¯v¯)▒(_≻✿≺ ) schöne Arbeit      
(_≻✿≺_)▒(_^_) buen trabajo     
__(_^_)▒▓░▓▒/прекрасная работа
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