My Daughter/"Jessie Update Blingee" for profile.

My Daughter/"Jessie Update Blingee" for profile.
****************Jessie Updates***************** She is only 12 and for the most part a very happy child. But she has been thru some things and also with her sickness she just has alot to deal with. On a good note tho...she has not had an episode since the beginning of the school year. It is so awesome! This is the first year of her life she has been to school every single day. It is truly amazing. The doctor said it is like a type of remission that she goes thru...and anytime it can be triggered but for now...we r just so happy for this long break. Please keep her in ur prayers as well. Thanks. :) *********************************************** UPDATE: FEBRUARY 22, 2012 Jessie had her first Cyclic Vomiting episode this year...hopefully last...and it lasted all day from around 8 A.M. but tapered off in the nite between 10 and 11 P.M. The doctors concern was dehydration as usual but no hospital this time. The next day she was not feeling well but only from exhaustion and body aches from the day before. She went back to school Thursday and is still doing good. Please pray that she has no more episodes. I can't stand to see her go thru them and there is nothing I can do but make her comfortable and run back n forth with the bucket cuz she is too weak to go back n forth. It is not a pleasant experience...especially for her. Thanks for all prayers. *********************************************** UPDATE: MARCH 7,2012 Jess had another Cyclic Vomiting Episode over the last few days. It started Monday morning around 10 a.m. n lasted up thru the evening hours till after 10p.m. She finally fell asleep on the couch too weak to make it upstairs. She stayed home on Tuesday to rehydrate and get her strength back. Each episode drains her body and her immune system. They thought it was Lupus but ruled it out. They also said it is some kind of Auto Immune Disease but since they don't know for falls into the Cyclic vomiting Syndrome. She has inflammation in her body alot. If anyone knows or is a doctor on here n has any clue what is happening to my daughter please say so. This has been going on all her life. She has been to Specialists..had Endoscopy, MRI's of her brain, Gastroenterologist, Rheumetologist, Allergist, etc. n anyone else Medicaid will pay for. In and out of hospitals, doctors, and all of it. I know I spelt them wrong. U get the point. I just want my little girl better. It is hard for her to go thru and hard for me to watch. Anyways...she is in school today. God bless...thanks for all prayers. :) *********************************************** UPDATE: MARCH 12,2012 Sorry to say Jessie was sick again today. She started around 6a.m. n I just kept running back n forth with a bucket for a few hours..then...all the sudden she stopped n it was like nite n day..she's swinging from the rafters n begging for food..n I feel like I've been run over by a bus. lol ah well...Thank God it only lasted half a day this time.But I still tell her to slow down. Thanks for all prayers..God bless u all. *********************************************** UPDATE: MARCH 13,2012 I went to go lay down earlier n then the school called n said Jess was sick again. We have a doc appt. At 2. They can't really do anything cept prescribe more anti-vomiting meds. N of course go thru the same thing about watchn for signs of dehydration. May not b on alot again today. Thanks for prayers n get well wishes. God bless. *********************************************** UPDATE: MARCH 14,2012 Jess went back to school...hopefully for a full day! :) God bless u all. *********************************************** UPDATE: June 19, 2012 Jess had an episode today after a few months of no sickness but it is over with already. So happy about it. :) Thank God. *********************************************** UPDATE: June 26, 2012 Jess is doing great! Having a sleepover as I write this. :) *********************************************** UPDATE: June 30, 2012 So we moved n finally got all our stuff here last nite...n then our bathroom flooded n got alot of our boxes ...bed...n stuff all soaked! We were up til almost 5 a.m. tryn to dry things out n during that time the water quit working...then Jess starts having one of her vomiting episodes! It was horrible...we cant get a plumber til monday. Ugh....not sore n tired n just DONE. Jess is feeling better to day tho. Thank God. Hope everyone else is havn a better weekend. lol *********************************************** UPDATE: July 02, 2012 Jess is doing great more vomiting.. we had a plumber out today n things r slowly getting less crazy! :) The power went off for a while today n we were just like...come on! lol But ut is on now...Jess is fine..everyone is alive. haha...God bless :) *********************************************** UPDATE{Oct. 16) Jess is doing great! She has only gotten sick one other time since July. 2 days ago but she is fine now. She is Orange Belt in Karate and working on her next belt in 2 months. :) Very busy with school/Church, karate, etc. Thanks for all prayers. God bless! :) ************************************** September 24, 2013***** Jess is doing so much better these days...she has only been sick 2 or 3 times in the last few months. She missed a week of school in the beginning of September but is fine now. She is into bowling now and has her own ball and everything. No more karate it just didn't work out...her selective mutism got in the way a little...but the bowling she has taken too well. She is on a league too so I am so proud of her. Also Jess is in the 8th grade now! 13 years old and just doing so much better. Thanks always for prayers and thoughts for her. :) 12/10/13 JESS IS DOING GOOD AGAIN...NOT SICK THIS WEEK. i ON THE OTHER HAND..WELL...BLAH BLAH..WHATEVER. LIFE GOES ON ONE WAY OR THE OTHER ... 12/3/13 WELL...JESS WAS DOING GOOD BUT TODAY THEY CALLED ME TO THE SCHOOL TO GET HER AGAIN...SHE IS HAVING ONE OF HER VOMITING EPISODES SO MAY NOT BE DOING MUCH BLINGEEING TODAY. POOR BABY...I KNOW SHE IS NOT A BABY REALLY BUT IT IS SO HARD TO SEE HER SICK. :( 11/9/13 JESS HAS GONE ANOTHER WHOLE WEEK WITHOUT GETTING SICK! THANK U GOD :) 11/1/13 JESS HAS GONE A WHOLE WEEK WITHOUT GETTING SICK WHICH IS AWESOME CUZ SHE HAD A FUN HALLOWEEN LAST NITE AND TONITE SHE WILL HAVE AN EVEN BETTER TIME AT HER FAVORITE BAND'S CONCERT. :) THX FOR ALL PRAYERS AND WARM THOUGHTS FOR HER. :) 10/21-22/13 PLEASE KEEP JESSIE MY DAUGHTER IN YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS...THIS IS THE 3RD WEEK IN A ROW THAT SHE HAS GOTTEN SICK. SHE HAS A HARD TIME BOUNCING BACK BETWEEN EPISODES SO HER IMMUNE SYSTEM JUST CANT SEEM TO KEEP UP...PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR HER. THANKS SO MUCH!
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LovingRed ha detto:

1242 days fa
`````{`*`~(((((((  ͡°  ͡°
````{`*`~`)))))))). _')
````{*```*`((((((('\ /
``````{.*~``*((((`\`\)) ?
````````{``~* ))) `\_.-'``
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2068 days fa
Blessed young lady

RedHeadsRule ha detto:

3069 days fa
Oh what a beautiful little girl! I am so happy that it won 1st place in the Girls Competition! That must have made you so happy! I won 1st place in the boys competition once with a pic of my oldest son and because it's YOUR child it makes it so much sweeter to win, doesn't it? I'm so sorry that poor Jess and your whole family has so much to deal with! I wish I knew of a way to help. I have many health issues myself, so I can only offer solidarity. Big hugs from the heart!

ratchet101 ha detto:

3241 days fa

cherrysherrygk ha detto:

3585 days fa
Jess Your A Beautiful Girl & I Hope You Keep Well & Create Blingees, I Will Be Checking Them Out On Your Mom's Page Sweetie. You're In My Prayers Jess, 5*'s, & FB Thumbs Up & Into My Faves :)

aly68carr ha detto:

3690 days fa
Awesome pic. Blingee,such a beauty

sweetgirl1995b ha detto:

3725 days fa
¯★´*。.☆¨*★。。.★´*。.☆¨¯★´* ¨*. ☽¨
         ------ - -•*"*•. . . 
          ----..(¯*( -.- )*¯)  
         ------ (. /(")(")\ .)        
            ¨︵¸︵( ░░ ) .︵. ︵
           (´░░░░░░´░░ ) `•.¸☆ ´¯`•.¸¸.☆
             Beautiful 10☆★☆★☆     

KittyCatsRock ha detto:

3741 days fa
What a gorgeous blingee for a gorgeous girl! I love the sparkley butterfly in the corner! Your words are touching and your framing is perfect! 

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