I hear voices...

I hear voices...
This is Cadee, a new human rp character. If you're wondering what the title means, Cadee has Schizophrenia, a mental disorder that causes people to hear voices, be delusional, have hallucinations...etc. This is a little story about what happened to her. (Btw it goes from Cadee's P.O.V, point of view, that means shes telling the story) / I hear voices, sometimes good, but mostly bad voices. They come from my head, I have hallucinations, too. You can call me crazy, maybe I am, even though I don't like using that word to describe me. Insane? Wacky? Koo-koo? Maybe so, but its most likely because I have schizophrenia, and schizophrenia is the reason I'm locked up in jail, and a mental institution. 'Ya see, when I was fourteen I killed three people, three innocent people, all because I'm schizophrenic. I was walking home one day, and I came across a trio of people. But what was weird, they appeared to be demons to me. Now mind you, I didn't know I had schizophrenia at this time, if I knew I did I might have not killed them with a bunch of broken mirror shards, plus it was in an alleyway, at night when it was dark, so it already felt creepy and scary, too. Then the voices came. "They're gonna kill you! They're gonna murder you! Run!" the voices yelled. I ignored the voices, I was obviously just tired. But the voices yelled, "You're not tired! They'll kill you! Run while you can!" I began fast walking in the opposite direction, but the voices came again, louder this time, "TOO LATE! KILL THEM BEFORE THEY KILL YOU!" I turned around slightly, and although it probably wasn't what it looked like to everyone else, I saw a bunch of demons chasing after me. I listened to the voices, grabbing a shattered mirror nearby, and pulling off a large piece, I threw it at one. It let out a feminine screech, so it must have been a woman. Blood spurt from where its neck must have been, all over the walls, like a sprinkler. Since I used to play baseball, I had good aim when it came to throwing things. The two others began to retreat, but I didn't stop, I grabbed as many pieces of glass as I could, cutting up my hands in the process, and one by one I threw them at the two others that ran away. Somehow, I managed to snap out of it. I looked at the scene before me, my hands covered in cuts and blood, blood splattered and stained all over my jacket, the walls and floor of the alley. I also saw a woman with a large shard of glass sticking out of her neck, with a stream of blood still pouring out of the wound, and two men face down, shards sticking out of their backs, and they were still bleeding severely. Although I felt sick to my stomach for what I just did, I didn't cry, or fell remorse. The voices, they came again, "Good...very good...little girl. But you're weak, you're sickening, why don't you just join these 3 in hell?" They tricked me. "Pick up the glass girl..." they said...I picked up a small shard of glass. I saw my reflection, I was as pale as can be. "Such a pretty girl...do it..." I took one less breath. Then I heard the police sirens.

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