Wizards With A Chance - Delena Story 4 Contest 3/4

Wizards With A Chance - Delena Story 4 Contest 3/4
{7-11-2010} Alex and Sonny returned 2 the sub shop with shopping bags in their hands. They walked into the shop finding Harper and Tawni both dressed in puffy flower dresses, Nico, grdy, and justin playing with action figures, and max and zora making trash love necklaces. "everyone seems 2 like each other." alex said. "amazing! i've never seen them happier!" sonny said. "wanna hang out?" alex said. sonny nodded and both ran upstairs 2 alex's room. "ur room's amazing!" sonny said. "i have 2 share my dressing room and live with my mom." "thanx sonny!" alex said. alex looked worried. "alex u okay?" sonny asked. "yeah but... i wanna tell u something." alex said. "its really-" sonny's phone rang. "great its chad." "chad?" alex said. "yeah." sonny started 2 smile. "u like him!" alex said. "omg i should totally set a date!!" sonny smiled! "of course! thanx! they hugged and over sonny's shoulder, alex looked upset, 4 not telling sonny her secret. "sonny?" chad said. it was a cool clear night and there was a table 4 2 outside. "hey chad!" sonny said. "have a seat!" chad sat across from sonny. "r u sure ur friends wont get mad?" "nope! they found new friends." chad and sonny talked all night and had a nice dinner. Alex was in the back spying. "did u plan this?" chad asked. "no! my friend alex did. she's super awesome!" alex smiled. alex waved her wand and said "love gives the heart a tug, so go and give her a hug." a zap made chad hug sonny. sonny smiled and mouthed thanx u.
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