justin bieber luv story part #6

justin bieber luv story part #6
Mom: Allie, wake up! *Opens the curtains* Allie: MOM! I'm tired! Why are you waking me up, it"s only 7:00??!!!! Mom: Just get up! Allie: *gives her a " What the fuck" look* Why? Mom: Because I said so now up! *pulls the covers off her* Allie: *Sreams* UGHHH!!! You make no sense!!!! *gets up and goes to the bathroom* Mom: *downstairs* *On the phone* Yes honey, I'm on my way. Okay , I love you too, okay bye. Allie: *comes out of the bathroom and runs downstairs* Was that Dad?! Mom: How did you- *sigh* Never mind. Allie: Okay well umm.... I'm going out mom. Mom: Oh um okay, I'm going to see your father at the hospital, Come see him later okay, he really misses you. Allie: Okay see ya. Wait Mom, what is it you had to tell me? Mom: Well......your sisters coming home!! Allie: OMGGG Are you serious omg omg I'm sooo happy!! *frowns a little* Mom, there's something I have to tell you. You know that boy Justin Bieber, the really sweet one and amazingly good singer?! Mom: Yeah, I think I've heard of him, why? Allie: Well, we're kind of going out. Mom: *laughs a little* You're not serious, Are you crazy, you can't date a famous person! He is going to rip your heart into pieces and stomp all over it, trust me! Allie: OMG You did this to Stacy and now you're doing this to me! I don't care what you say! *walks to the door* Mom: You stay away from that boy, I don't want him anywhere near you! Allie: *slams the door* *walking to the park* POV: Why would she say that, Justin loves me and I love him alot! He would never do anything to hurt me! *lies down on the grass next to the swings and closes her eyes* Justin: Is this some kind of meditation thing? Allie: *looks up and sees Justin with his hot,hot ,hotttt hair and sexii smile on his face* *smiles* Don't make me laugh *gets up* Justin: *sits down next to her* Why not? Allie: Cuz, I'm pissed at my mom. She told me that we can't be together. She's like " He'll rip your heart into pieces and stomp all over it" Justin: *hugs her* I would never do that to you Allie: *hugs him back* I know Justin: *lets go* So are you coming to the concert? Allie: Oh I forgot about that, Yeah I'm coming. Justin: Cool *They walk to the limo* *They get in* Allie: *pretending to be all girly* OMG OMG We're going to a Justin Bieber concert!!! OMG He's soooo hottt!!!!!!! Justin: *laughs* You have way too many egos Allie: Look who's talking, Bieber Cash. Justin: *does the Bieber Cash voice* Bieber Cash, Cash Money, Peace *both laugh* *They get there and go backstage* Christian: Yo Justin! Justin: Hey sup *They do an awesome handshake thing :D* Justin: Allie this is Christian Allie: Hey Christian: Hi DJ: *On stage* Ya'll ready for Justin Bieber!!!?? *Crowd screams* Justin: Gotta go *hugs Allie* Allie: Bye Justin: *goes on stage and starts singing one time* Christian: Soo.. How did you meet Justin? Allie: Oh we've been friends forever, ever since kindergarden. Christian: So, you guys are going out? Allie: Yup *smiles just at the thought of it* Christian: Cool Allie: thoughts: Wow this is so awkward Justin: *finishes singing, One time, One less lonely girl, favourite girl, love me and Bigger* *comes backstage out of breath* *Christian and Allie are laughing a little* Justin: What? Allie: You look funny Christian: Man, you must be so tired Justin: You think?
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lindsie02 ha detto:

4754 days fa
nice blingee

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4757 days fa
cool i luv it 5*!!!! i kno someone whos cousins wit jb

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beautiful story kisses

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