Forgiven-4B, (With Halo), 400X400, Transparent

Forgiven-4B, (With Halo), 400X400, Transparent
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Forgiven-4B, (With Halo), 400X400, Transparent. "Forgiven, by Thomas Blackshear II", in transparent format, 400X400 pixels! In these difficult days, many have come to this level of despair and desperation, crushed under the burden of their trials, tribulations, and sufferings! But there is one who helps & who understands the depths of our sorrows and crushing weight of our life's profound difficulties and despair! Jesus Christ is that one! I know many do not believe, and that's OK, but many need to have an answer and a hope...this is designed for that purpose! Artwork enhanced using "Picasa 3", "PhotoFiltre 7", and "GIMP" software/freeware to achieve this final form, artwork not mine...a tribute to the original artist and the heart from which it came, Thomas Blackshear II!
caricato da: mtlonewolf

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