Me in my PJs sleeping W/ Kyle plushie <3

Me in my PJs sleeping W/ Kyle plushie <3
Lol yep thats how my PJs look like!...sorta. xD No i sadly don't own a Kyle plushie D: i wish i did. Maybe i will soon, along with a Kenny plushie, maybe Stan & Cartman too <3 my PJ gown isn't really like that it had little cute monkey images on it it looked cute but its hard to draw each of them on my PJs =\ so i put stars on it ^.^. And i usually don't wear orange pants under my gown but i decided to have them there i guess ;P. And the pink bunny slippers, good memories! <3~ i lost them years ago, i had them from Christmas but soon i lost them *sob* idk how! i miss them, they kept my feet so warm =\. I decided to add on them too they were so cute! & the bow on my head lolol i don't wear it really just wanted to add it x)
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