Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel
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Archangel Gabriel - GOOD NEWS - - - - - Archangel Gabriel (God is my Strength) & The Angels of Guidance - - - - - Archangel Gabriel is the bearer of GOOD NEWS and is the angel that announced the forthcoming birth of Jesus to Mary. In Islam Gabriel (Jibril) awakened Mohammed (the Prophet of God) and dictated the Koran to him. This archangel is a messenger who whispers in your ear of coming events, changes, and opportunities for new experiences. Gabriel assists childless parents towards child conception or adoption and he also helps anyone whose life purpose involves the arts or communication. Gabriel will open doors to help you express your talent in a big way. Ask Gabriel to restore any blocked areas in your life and fill you with the remembrance of your divine purpose and destiny. One of this magnificent Archangel's tasks are restoring the life and light into stale areas of your life such as relationships, businesses, households, etc, you will receive creative ideas and opportunities to help you get moving again. Archangel Gabriel who serves on the Fourth or White Ray which is the Ray of Harmony and Purity...
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