Welcome to the site of Rosebud!

Hello! Welcome to the site of Rosebud. The real Rosebud! My brothers are called Buddah, B-Dawg, Budderball and Mudbud. Me and my brothers love to go on adventures! Weve had alot. Once our parents got dogged napped and we saved them! And weve been to Alaska to do a sledge race with a cute husky. Hehe :D And we got lost in space! But with the help of our friend Spudnick we managed to escape from the galaxy and we were the first dogs to walk on the moon! Just to keep this between you and me i think Shasta is the most cutest dog a dog could meet! So anyway im super friendly! Trust me. But if you ever bully me or my friends i could always kick a dogs butt! So do please enjoy and stay!

Rosebuds REAL Life!
Name: Clover
Personality: Happy, Crazy, Mad, Hyper, Nice, Kind, Shy, Joyful, Cheerful, Loud
Sex: Female
Sport: Dodge ball, Soccer and Baseball 
Bf/Mate: None
Crush: None
Pets: Misty and Lighting (Baby Pugs :D) 
Siblings: Gabriel, Jack, Maddy, Tim 
BFFS: Emily, Luke, Ryan, Joe, Jacob, Haley, Sara, Bella, Izzy
Favorite color: Silver and Blue.
Favorite songs: Fight For This Love, Falling For You, Feels Like Tonight, Love Game, Love Drunk
Favorite movies: Twilight, Lucky Star, Air Buddies, Snow Buddies, Space Buddies, Two Brothers, Wild Child
Favorite animal: Cats, Dogs, Meerkats!
Favorite pop stars: Cheryl Cole, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson (R.I.P... I would always love your songs :()

Facts about the real Rosebud!

Name: Rosebud
Breed: Golden Retriever
Sex: Female DUH!
Personality: Super friendly, Nice, Kind, Lovely, Someone to trust
Sport: Soccer
Mate: Shasta! You hurt him, and your butt will be kicked.
Crush: Shasta, of course! ♥
Owner: Alice
Parents: Molly & Buddie
Brothers: B-Dawg, Budderball, Buddah, Mudbud
Sisters: Alice, the nicest sister and human!
BFFS: Alice, Shasta <3, B-Dawg, Mudbud, Buddah, Budderball, Shane, Dawn
Favorite color: Pink of course!
Hobbies: Soccer, Going on adventures, Getting groomed, Pink, Pink clothes, Hanging with Alice
Dislikes: Walking in the rain, Getting into fights, When my brothers pick on me.
Favorite saying: Girl power!
Country: Fernfeild

Name: Sayori
Gender: Female
Home: Pridelands, Zoomy Lake
Pride: Permifant Diamond Pride
About me: I live near a lake in the Pridelands with my parents and pride. But i sometimes like to head to my friends prides to play with them. Im a princess you see of the Permifant Diamond Pride. 
Crush: Not really yet.
Mate: Nope not yet.
Cubs: Maybe in the future.
Fact: Im a princess.

Name: Freckles
Breed: Golden Retriever 
Gender: Female
About me: I'm a wild dog that comes from the streets but i like to sleep in my tree in the forest. My best friend is Yi Lu. I've got a secret. I think Yi Lu is kinda cute.... Hehe...
BFFS: Yi Lu, Rosebud
Siblings: None
Crush: Someone....
Mate: Maybe someday....
Pups: Ugh....

Name: Yi Lu
Breed: Labrador
Personality: Quiet, Shy, Nice, Nervose, Brave
Gender: Male
About me: I'm a dog from the streets. I'm abit shy but i can still kick a dogs butt! I used to be from the pound but i escaped and helped free the other dogs in the pound. All of them headed to the dog shelter so they can be loved but i dident want to go there. They will just stop playing with them or have a new baby and kick you out of the house! It happend to me. The boy dident like me and kicked me out. Freckles is a nice friend of mine and she is very beautiful....
BFFS: Freckles, Penny (Dont know what happend to her)
Mate: Maybe...
Crush: Y-Yes...
Pups: Urm your talking to a pup here!
Fact: Used to be a house dog.

_♥______♥______♥_  Put this on ur page if u
__♥___Shasta___♥__ love someone sooo much.

Rosebud's Mailbox:

Dear Rosebud

I have great news! The farmer and his wife and us are crossing country and Fernfeild is our next stop ahead! We will be stopping at Fernfeild for a few days and we stop crossing country at the start of Winter. Our place will be in the Plaza. Its hard to miss cause its really big!

See ya till then!

Shane and Dawn.


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B.Dawg ha detto:

4098 days fa
Then why is he your bf?^^ XD

further ha detto:

4099 days fa
Sorry that ment my favorite characters are Eve and Hans

further ha detto:

4099 days fa
I LOVE that game! I have ALOT of favorite characters are Eve and Hans.

further ha detto:

4104 days fa
You got Yi Lu of THE DOG Island dident you?
Buddah: How is my little sister?

BoltTheDog ha detto:

4105 days fa
Shasta: So what's been up? ^^

wolf-dog ha detto:

4105 days fa
mudbud:yo dawg that was my puppy coat -_-

wolf-dog ha detto:

4105 days fa
mudbud:*chucks mud T THEM*

wolf-dog ha detto:

4105 days fa
Bdawg:*chews on her paws lightly*

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