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19 yo ★ Angela ★ czech/italian ★ Czech Republic
I want to warn you I can't vote, comment and chat that often

I don't copy-paste comments, I'd rather come up with a nice distinctive compliment

If you notice my comment on your profile saying I enjoy your blingees, then you have to know you are one of my favorite blingee makers :)

! None of the stamps I upload belong to me !

Always thankful for every compliment and vote I get ♡ ♡ ♡


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Gabryon ha detto:

21 days fa
Meinen Freunden Hallo sagen ... Say hello to my friends ...


Animefee1976 ha detto:

106 days fa
A new contest has started - Come in the group and join in!
Ein neuer Contest  hat begonnen- Komm in die Gruppe und mache mit !

È iniziato un nuovo concorso: entra nel gruppo e partecipa!
Rozpoczął się nowy konkurs - Przyjdź do grupy i dołącz!
Начался новый конкурс - заходите в группу и присоединяйтесь!


Animefee1976 ha detto:

106 days fa
Danke für deine Freundschaft !
Thank you for your friendship !
Merci pour votre amitié!

BlueMara ha detto:

116 days fa


Nǝko ha detto:

137 days fa
Ah sorry, I thought you were french (because a friend had the same old-name as you) !
So, do you want me to correct your profil ? It had a lot of mistakes ! :)

Nǝko ha detto:

137 days fa
Tu veux que je corrige toutes les fautes d'anglais sur ton profil?

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