Hi Friends and Family!

I like too give unconditional and nurturing love,spend quality time with family and friends, i'm easy-going,funny etc... i like too do some sports,go listen too live bands and dance, concerts,circus,fair etc.... Retired Business Woman and proud mother of one child. Both a Widow and a divorcee sence 8 years now.


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thank you elvis!
Natalie Wood-Pool
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Ladywillie ha detto:

3008 days fa
Hi Hun, 
4 U http://bln.gs/b/24wtxw

evilchefmania ha detto:

3088 days fa
voted on 7 pages nice work

Ladywillie ha detto:

3113 days fa
Hi Sylviela, 
Welcome to my circle of friends! I Love MJ & most of my friends do too, it's ok if u don't, stay as long as u like. I'm glad ur here with us. I like to get to know my friends so, plz tell me a lil about urself. About me, I'm a mother of 3 grown kids all in their 20's & I have 6 grandkids. I only speak English & Spanish but I only read English. 
I live in New York City.

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