im a nice girl, but take advantage of me and u will see my bad side. guys love me and girls hate me.

I love anime or anything that has to do with cartoons, I dont care if ppl think im to old for that, im not going to change for nobody.

Im married to my high school sweetheart, i have no children but my nephew is like my baby, i love him to much. 

I like horror movies, comedy, action and foreign asian movies, like Juon, one missed call, ozumaki etc..... to many to mention.

I love the crow movie, I met the James O Barr creator of the crow
u can check out my pics of him at myspace.com/you_know_u_cant_resistme

I also like the nightmare before christmas and corpse bride.
I would love to meet tim burton.

And i would also love to meet Johnny Depp, he did the voice of victor in corpse bride.

I also love Hanson, dont care what u have to say about them, if i like them, i like them, and i dont like for ppl to put them down, if u dont have anything nice to say about them, then dont say anything. 


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Cassee48 ha detto:

3953 days fa
Thanks for your reply. I went to H.Net last night in search of that pic and foundit in the posters. I enlarged it and tried to copy it, but no luck. They have it "protected"-dang!! I
'' have to wait till the next tour asnd see if they still have it then. I really like that pic!! Best one I've seen of all three of them together in a long, long time!! Of course wouldn't you know I can't get a copy of it-snitzoid!!! 

stellinasplen... ha detto:

4171 days fa
ciao...mi voti in questa sfida?
sn stellina splendente...ricambio quando vuoi...grazie

zantihanson ha detto:

4452 days fa
hello!!!  do u wanna be my my on blingee too?

weqt ha detto:

4494 days fa
do u wanna b friends

_estrellita_ ha detto:

4574 days fa
am no todojajajaja
esk como  mi maestra de ingles no me kiso desir es mui amargada

MexicanMona ha detto:

4575 days fa
oh si no prob.
chido profile

_estrellita_ ha detto:

4577 days fa
oyes k significa eso es k no entiendo eso coo no se tanto ingles

where did u get that picture that's in your icon box thing when i click your name? 

mrsisaachanson ha detto:

4601 days fa
very good.. bored as hell

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