My name is Stephanie. I love helping people out and singing! I also have a love for deer and animals. I hate it when people hunt these innocent creatures down and use them as trophies! So please don't hunt deer. It's an evil act for people who hunt them for profits. I want this world to become a beautiful place to live!

Name: Stephanie

Birthdate: August 28th, 1992

Age: 26

Born: St. Petersburg Florida Bayfront hospital


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Nightmare Rainbow Dash
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passionpussycat ha detto:

78 days fa
Hi Bestie..Whats Up? I Am So Sorry That You Didn`t Get Enough Back In Taxes To Go To Florida This Year :( Have you tried taking on some babysitting as an extra income? I mean kids are getting out of school for the summer and need babysitters :) Usually its a job that pays pretty well & then go to Florida in the Fall? Does your Cousin Charlie live in Illinois or Florida? I will say some prayers for you so you can find a way to go before the end of this year!:)

Your *FOREVER* Bestie,

passionpussycat ha detto:

86 days fa
I sent you a gift message!!

passionpussycat ha detto:

89 days fa
Hi Sweetie....May You & Your Family & Your Precious Animals Have A Fabulous Easter :)

Your *FOREVER* Friend,

asterioswaifu ha detto:

89 days fa
That's terrible, but I hope one day soon, you will get to reunite with your cousin! 

passionpussycat ha detto:

117 days fa
WOW that therapy wears you out :) But if I can get my knee working a lot better without so much pain........Its gonna be worth it!!:)Hopefully we will be able to meet :):)

Have A *WILD & CRAZY* Friday :):) LOL

Your *FOREVER* Bestie,

passionpussycat ha detto:

117 days fa
Hi Bestie....How are you doing? I haven`t heard from you in a while :) I hope everythings doing GREAT :) Did you hear anything yet about that job interview? I have some blingees I am gonna be making you this weekend :) I am so sorry that I have not gotten them to you yet....I am taking therapy for my knee. I have 2 hours of reg therapy in the morning & then 2 hours of hydro-therapy in the afternoon:)

kat1963 ha detto:

123 days fa
Hello Stephanie:
 Thank you for your visit and kind comment.
Love, Hugs, and Peace xxx
Happy St.Patrick's Day 
Kat xoxo

shwetashweta ha detto:

133 days fa
Happy women's day to you

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