ok first of all i'm NOT trying to brag. i'm just reporting honestly so you all can answer this question.

when guys comment on my looks they say things like this: they say i'm pretty, cute, beautiful, hot, attractive, and that i have an amazing body, nice perky boobs, curvy, and have a great butt. a few guys have called me ugly before but not many.

when girls comment on my looks they say things like this: ugly, horse face, butterface, chubby, fake, fat. some girls have told me that they're jealous of my looks but this only happened a couple times.

i'm not slutty (still a virgin) and i don't dress like i am. i'm naturally blonde and i live in cali so of course i'm tan. almost everyone is. i'm not mean or bitchy or an airhead. i get good grades and was voted class sweetheart in the yearbook this year.


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